Russian Art: Setting World Records For Price!


Try this for an expensive Fabergé egg. A rare pink and gold Fabergé egg, adorned with a diamond-studded cockerel and embedded clock, has broken auction records by selling for about £9m at Christie’s Auction House.

The translucent egg, which had never before been seen in public, set a record for the creations of the Tsarist jeweler and became the most expensive Russian art object and timepiece ever sold at auction.

The rest of the fabulous Russian Art items at Christie’s Auction House went for up to 10 times their appraised value also.

So all in all, The largest Russian Art Auction Ever!


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Russia: Moscow City!


I was just drinking coffee & thinking about an article that I had read on Moscow City. My Wife and I have driven by the construction site many times. It is very impressive. We decided to look into what was being built. Here is what we found…..


(Link)Moscow International Business Center “Moscow City” is the future of business in Russia; the future has arrived. GDO City Properties is the market expert on this exciting new development.

In the past, Moscow has been plagued by an aged infrastructure and a lack of efficient organization for conducting business. In 1992, a decision was made to change this. Today Moscow City, one of the largest investment projects in Europe, is now rapidly nearing completion along the Krasnopresnenskaya embankment. Covering a territory of a square kilometer and incorporating all the elements for work and lifestyle, the “New Central Business District” will truly be a city within a city.

Any business serious about success in Russia will be represented in Moscow City. The new City Hall, rising over 300 meters, will be centralizing virtually all functions of Moscow city government and Duma, providing unparalleled access for businesses located there. Given the concentration of businesses occupying the 5 million square meters of grade A office space, symmetries will exist for conducting business like nowhere else in the world. Travel time to meetings that once took hours will now take minutes. A trip from home to the office can now occur on a single, high-speed lift.


This is a fantastic project that is actually going to bear fruit. This is Ultra Modern City!

(try these links for lots of information on Moscow City)
Another link to Fosters + Partners! Fabulous web site! It is on the Moscow Tower. The tallest structure in Europe when done.


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