Beautiful Day In Russia


Today I was having my morning coffee, I could hear the kids playing, the dogs barking and the Moms discussing the world problems. 🙂 I thought to my self, This is normal. This is nice.

What I mean by saying that is, the world right now is at peace, at least in my neighborhood. I put in pictures that I just took. First one is typical Moscow housing. Called Flats. The second one is flats and the playground that is with the flats for kids to play on and in. The third is what flats look like from a distance, Lots of people living in a small area.

The point to all this is that the living accommodations in Moscow are not bad. The people all live the same. The kids have lots of play area off the streets, They always have forests near the flats. You can take long walks and have peace of mind. You can let your kids run and not worry about cars running over them. The designing of the flats and living areas show much planning and forsite. It shows intelligence. It shows care for people. Their needs and desires. This was all done in the Soviet era, Funny, I as am American and was told that Soviets were a cold, no heart, scourge, and hooligans. That Soviets could care less about the people.

What is bad, is that I have come over here and found a society that is being Raped by Capitalist processes. A society that is growing and doing better. But not because of Capitalism. Because the people and their leaders are working hard to be their own society. Not a dream from America or Britain. I see a country that has a stable money supply, A country that has a strong leader, a balanced budget, and people with desires to be stepping to the future. The one fault I see in Russia sometimes they can be a bit of a Bully!

I don’t see this any more in America. I see Americans with a huge World debt, no future, and sometimes they are a BIG BULLY. That is sad, I am from America and I see this as a problem!

The people here are content and happy.

Can you say the Same ???


Sometimes Russians know English!!

I went shopping today. To get food for the flat. I left the flat with my sweety and kissed her goodbye. I walked to my favorite store that has lots of food items. I shopped and went to pay. After the girl rang all items up, I asked for two plastic bags. In Russia you do not get free plastic bags. You must buy them.

I asked the girl in my broken Russian, Packet (bag) I pointed and she looked at me. I said English from America. I asked again for packet.

Then she said: Oh, you want a bag! (in English) I just stood there dumb. She gave me 4 bags and I paid.

Sometimes the English language comes from the weirdest places. It surprises me now when I hear English spoken.

I love this country!



Sneaky the Binky…

When I came to Russia I brought my little dog. She was 18 years old, But she wanted to come. She loved to travel more than anything, and this was to be her last trip. She did it in style and loved the jet trip and she loved Russia.

The hardest part was getting international papers for Sneaky. Had to have a vet sign off on the fact she was ok to travel. She was healthy just very old. got paper signed and put Sneaky in pet carrier. Then carried her as my carry on luggage. Got to Moscow and nobody cared that we had papers or not for her. just carried her through the gates and she was in Russia!!!

Sneaky loved Russia, We got here in October and Sneaky died December 10th 2006. She got to play in snow and she got carried by the best mommy in the world (Svet). She almost made it to Christmas, But she had a stroke and had to be put to sleep. I cried for two days. She was my buddy. She came to Russia with me and when she saw that I was going to have a good life she said goodbye.

18 years old is a long age for a doggy. She was a long red haired dachshund and about 5 pounds. Toy miniature dachshund.

We have a new dog now named Boza the Bear. We found him at a gas station. He is half German Shepard and half wire haired terrier. Svet fell in love with him, now we have a Boza. Sneaky would have liked him. She would have told him who is boss! 🙂