Russians Have Made Their Claim and They Have Proof!


I was drinking my morning cup of coffee and was reading this latest article about the North Pole and Russia planting a flag under it! I have written several articles about this.

Well: Russia was right and the USA is playing crybaby! I think the USA better get their subs and go plant a flag, real soon!

The real estate, is going fast, up North!
Arctic seabed ‘belongs to Russia'(Moscow Times)

Russian mini-submarine

The Mir-I was used to help plant a Russian flag on the Arctic seabed

A Russian expedition has proved that a ridge of mountains below the Arctic Ocean is part of Russia’s continental shelf, government officials have said.

The August expedition planted the Russian flag on the seabed below the North Pole and gathered soil samples.

Russia’s Natural Resources Ministry said early test results on the soil samples showed Russia is geologically linked to the Lomonosov Ridge.

The Arctic is thought to be rich in oil, gas and mineral reserves.

“Results of an analysis of the Earth’s crust show that the structure of the underwater Lomonosov mountain chain is similar to the world’s other continental shelves, and the ridge is therefore part of Russia’s land mass,” a statement from the ministry said.

Russia’s claim to a vast swathe of territory in the Arctic has been challenged by the other nations with territory bordering the ocean – including the US and Canada.

Competition for territorial and economic rights in the Arctic has heated up as melting polar ice caps have opened up the possibility of exploiting the previously inaccessible seabed.
This is why I like Russia, They still believe in the old ways!

There is a saying: “Possession is 9/10s of the law.”


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Russia: Time to Get New Visa!


I was drinking my morning cup of coffee and thinking that very quick, We must go and get me a new Visa!

So the first question that must be answered is: “Which country do we drive to?”

Estonia or Finland! (that’s what we have narrowed it down to)

I am voting for Estonia, where as my wife is leaning toward Finland.

I then ask myself which country do I want to get stranded in, if Visa problems arise? I still vote for Estonia, because the cost to live there is much cheaper than Finland. So to me the answer is Estonia.

We have Boza the Bear ready.(our dog) He has his Pet Passport and the new ISO implant put in.(microchip implant). My Wife took him to the vet a few days ago and had him certified to travel the World.

I asked Boza where he wanted to go? He told me “Estonia”, of course! :))

This weekend I must go get a HIV test done. It is required for staying over three months at a time. We are also waiting for the Letter of Invitation to arrive any day now….. Then I need also, to get this weekend, Passport sized pictures taken.

We are going to drive to Estonia or Finland and sight see on the way. Svet has to get a Visa herself, to enter either country, I do not! I can stay up to 90 days without a Visa in both countries. In fact a problem with travel in Europe is that Svet needs a Visa to get in any country but I can travel freely.

I think this is unfair.

I will leave more information on what we go through to get a Visa renewed. It might just help someone out that needs to renew in the future.

Update: (We have found out that it may be possible to get the Visa renewed in Ukraine. That would be a shorter trip for us. So now we add another possibility of where to go. We have been to the Ukraine, I still want to go to Estonia!)


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