The First Interview of Grigori Perelman!

We all remember Grigori Perelman. Grigori Perelman is a mathematician from . He proved the Poincaré Conjecture and has just been awarded the prestigious Millenium Prize and $1 million by the … but refused to accept it…

There was not too much information about Grigori Perelman in Internet. But today all media of Russia printed different versions of his first ever interview. I was very intrigued by it. So let’s read the Grigori Perelman’s interview. Click the picture.

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Grigory Perelman Has Officially Declined the $1 million prize…

In the renown math reclusive and genius Grigory Perelman, has officially rejected a $1 million prize for solving a problem that has puzzled scientists for over a century, the said on its website on Thursday. This has been international interest for many many months now…

Everyone including ’s are like, “What is his problem?”

So while we are all foaming at the mouth and wishing we had that money. Perelman, who lives in a small apartment in St. Petersburg with his elderly mother, is unemployed and their neighbors say they live in poverty. He has rejected several job offers at top U.S.A. universities.

Well he doesn’t want the damn money, so now everyone needs to leave him alone… :)

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