Balochistan and Geopolitics: by Nadir Mir…

Recently, a resolution was passed in the US Congress to divide Pakistan and carve out an ‘independent Balochistan’. With this, an old neocon dream was revived. This time the so-called globalists and propagandists, masquerading as human right activists, are the cheerleaders. Against this backdrop, Colonel Ralph Peter’s map of the ‘New Middle East’ truncating, balkanising every country – Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan – was reproduced. Despite the fact that it was scorned and reviled even at the time of its earlier exhibition.

It seems that the neocons and influential globalists of America desperately want to initiate World War III. Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger’s interview, If you can’t hear the drums of war, you must be deaf, with Alfred Heinz on November 27, 2011, is a clear expression of this desire.

The neocon-globalist geopolitical wish list – the rationale for the so-called ‘independent Balochistan’ – is as under:

§  Cripple Pakistan by separating Balochistan (46 percent of its territory with large mineral resources, besides the future global port of Gwadar).

§  Balkanised Pakistan forced to give up its nuclear arsenal.

§   Establish India’s hegemony over Pakistan.

§  Leftover US forces in Afghanistan and US controlled ‘new Balochistan’ to act as strategic central position for multi-regions.

§  US controlled Afghanistan-Balochistan to link the Central Asian energy oil and gas pipelines with Gwadar.

§   Delink Pakistan and Iran by carving out Balochistan and obviate the Iran-Pakistan energy/gas pipelines.

§  Establish US military presence in Balochistan for upcoming US-Israeli war against Iran.

§  Block Russia-Pak cooperation with Gazprom (Russian Gas Company) reaching Gwadar.

§  Balochistan and Kurdistan to be artificially created to have imperialist bases in the heartland of Islam.

§  ‘Independent Balochistan’ – a prelude for Kurdistan to break away from Turkey; separate Xinjiang and Tibet from China; Siberia from Russia; and separate Makkah and Madinah from Saudi Arabia.

§  US military presence in Gwadar to control the Gulf. To use the port as an alternative for USA’s 5th fleet based in Bahrain or another fleet if brought near the Gulf.

§  Use Gwadar as a military base for intervention in the Saudi Peninsula.

The rationale of these ill-intentioned pseudo thinkers is absolutely absurd. According to them, since the Pakistani elite is exploiting Balochistan, so it should be balkanised. Those who believe that Balochistan should not be a part of Pakistan are geopolitical imbeciles. Indeed, the propagandists making these claims are clueless about regional realities because:

§  Pakistan: It will fight a war, even a nuclear war of national survival to defend itself.

§  Iran: The Iranian Seistan is part of Balochistan, which the imperialists want to carve out. Therefore, Iran will fight a war in unison with Pakistan to defend Balochistan against the US threats.

§  Afghanistan: The Taliban are winning; the Americans are leaving. No Afghan – not even Karzai – will cede the Afghan territory to become ‘greater independent Balochistan’. Nor can landlocked Kabul take up fights with both Islamabad and Tehran.

§  Turkey: The Turks will support Pakistan and oppose independent Balochistan. Those who are plotting Balochistan also support Kurdistan to balkanise Turkey. Turkey will oppose Balochistan splitting by Nato, even if Nato is foolhardy to play the diabolical game of neocons.

§  Saudi Arabia: The Saudis, too, will support Pakistan and oppose the Balochistan movement.

§  India: It has been supporting the destabilisation of Balochistan and will continue to do so. But for India to overtly support Balochistan can lead to a nuclear war with Pakistan. Besides this can also trigger freedom movements in Kashmir, Khalistan, Assam, Tamil Nadu and a dozen other places. Playing the US-Israel game will spoil its relations with Iran, Russia and China.

§  China: It will support Pakistan. USA’s aim in Balochistan is to block China from Gwadar. Balochistan today, Xinjiang tomorrow! China’s defence begins from Pakistan.

§  Russia: It is Pakistan’s new friend. Besides, the Pak-Iran link is supported by Moscow.

So, the geopolitics of the region negates any viability of an independent Balochistan. In addition, anti-Americanism in Pakistan has a complex dynamic. The US meddling in Balochistan will not create an ‘independent Balochistan’, but will initiate a war, perhaps, leading to World War III.

The situation in Balochistan certainly demands immediate attention. Out of 150 Baloch tribes three major ones Marris, Bugtis, and Mengals have had problems or are in conflict. The issue of Bugtis is greatly linked to the murder of Nawab Akbar Bugti. A fair trial of those responsible is their demand. The Mengals can be communicated with. Some of the Marris leaders are more adamant and would need to be worked on. Pakistan needs to accommodate most of the Balochistan demands and satisfy the people, while ensuring its national interests. Half the demography of Balochistan which is Pakhtun are patriotic like the great majority of Baloch.

Bugti’s killing by Musharraf led to the present Balochistan crisis. The army or the ISI is not responsible. USA and India did not oppose Musharraf’s actions in Balochistan. This was a US-India baited gambit (to lure Musharraf into a crackdown and create turmoil for instigating independent Balochistan). Musharraf was praised by Washington and assured by Delhi of its non-involvement in Balochistan, luring him into the mess Pakistan faces today in the province. For all this time a covert war was being waged for claiming independence of Balochistan. During this period a worldwide network was established. This became overt in February 2012 as war with Iran is near centre stage in 2012. However, those who are planning war against Pakistan must be told that the choice is between peace and total war; indeed, the country will be defended at any price!

Geopolitics of Peace: by Nadir Mir. Author of the book “Gwadar on the Global Chessboard” Blog: Pakistan and Geopolitics The author is a retired Brigadier General of the Pakistan Army.

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Cup of Hot Steaming Coffee and Multiple Wafting Thinking’s in Russia…

Yesterday, I experimented with the Internet and for once expressed my opinion at many places on the web. I am a typical reader who really reads and is not there for play time, like so many are on the web. So this was interesting but sad for me yesterday…

That is the start of my thinking’s today as I sip that cup of wonderful coffee chicory here in Moscow, Russia! It is -6 below zero and Sveta has gone to a special circus at the Kremlin. Since she received only one ticket to this special event and the tickets are astronomical in price, much less the chances of an American getting said ticket, are pretty slim to none. I stayed home and decided to write this article… (You so Lucky: :))

So back to what I started with: I expressed some opinions as I rarely do on the Internet in a comment. My opinions stay on my website most of the time. As I wanted to see what got stirred up and how easy it would be to stir the masses. Man – it was just too simple to set Americans off about issues such as Iran, Iraq, the Quran (Koran), the bible and multiple of other things…

What came out of it all is that: Americans look for a fight, they look for foreigners to pick on, they run in packs like animals, they invade other countries websites to intentionally disrupt things and without a doubt most TROLLS come from America…

I would set a comment up and try to make it sound very much like it was from a foreigner and waited. As the words were picked up by a search engine, the packs of paranoiac’s would ascend and it was not a pretty sight to see…

Comments mainly centered around the whys and what and whens and who’s of America interfering in other parts of the world. All it took was a few nice Americans to give decent answers and then the swarm would hit with anti-world and pro-America propaganda. When this happens nice pleasant people go away not to be seen again…

I picked one subject in particular and picked him apart intellectually for hours. Before I was done he ran away, but I gathered all that I needed from my test subject. He was in his early thirties and literally believed that government is correct, government is right, only government can save us, only government can protect us and so on and so on and so on. Just like many of you think, everyday of your life. Just simple blind faith and scared of disobeying…

Today the results of yesterday make me sad and I have done a lot of thinking…

Next on the thinking’s was about Iran! If what happens, that I think will happen before long: Heaven help the world because it will be the biggest mistake that Israel and the USA will ever make. The long term repercussions will outweigh the short term gains by a million fold and a simple fact is that the US will not be too far away from the results, to not become the brunt of the fallout from such an act of war against Iran. Much less Israel being located in the heart of the problem. Unless Israel is going to turn Iran into a glass parking lot the first time through with her nukes (Which creates other repercussions!), then Israel better quit the games because Israel will not be there if they continue to play hardball when softball is necessary…

*** People – Iran is simply not what the Western media and Western government is playing the tunes about! ***

Next on my thinking’s is the Nissan carmakers of Japan is getting ready to roll out a cheap model for Russia. The new small model is going to be called – Datsun, which was designed to show good performance even on impassable terrain in rural areas, will cost $6,250. The mass production of Datsun cars will begin next year. (Datsun the car company that disappeared in America and went under a new name! I had the last model of Datsun truck made in America and I loved that truck! It was school bus yellow and was fast…)

Next on my thinking’s is about the statement: Russian prime minister and presidential candidate Vladimir Putin confirmed on his plans to appoint current President Dmitry Medvedev as prime minister in the next government should he win the March 4 elections. (This made me smile. Makes sense and as everyone knows they work together, they are the ruling tandem…)

Last but not least: Sveta and I purchased airline tickets to Georgia last night and we will leave the 17th or March to go play around Georgia. Going to spend a week there and see some sites while doing some business.

Georgia on my mind…

Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia!