Boy, Vova Upset Today!

By | February 1, 2017

Today Vova came down

And he was upset at what America is doing to Ukraine. Us Americans have been sending and have sent a whole bunch of new weapons, trainers, supplies and many mercenaries. This is all happening as we tell ourselves that we are trying to stop Russian aggression, by sending tanks and other military supplies all over Europe…

It really is getting out of hand and the Average Russians is starting to push to go in to help East Ukraine to get it under control. Ukraine is loosing many men. We are loosing many mercenaries and now we are actually loosing regular forces. All the while you are not hearing a word about it from the MSM! Nice Huh?

Want to know the worse job I ever had to do? Glad you asked…. I spent a year going to doors and knocking and telling families that Jr. and or Susie Q was never coming home in one piece. This was all the while that these families did not even know their kid was even in a war zone. I have heard it all and had to shoulder a whole bunch of crying and taken a punch to the mug several times. All this while we mainly ignore what is happening around us all over the world. Do you realize that these families can even tell someone what happened and it goes no farther. No one wants to accept this kind of stuff, much less remember it and think about it as time goes by…

* * * * *

All you hear is about Russian aggression

And we must stop that aggression, before Russia takes over Europe…. Get real fools… Wake up… Russians are simply not that way!

Vova was a Sargent in the Army during the Soviet times. I was a Sargent in the American army and we both agree that America is one screwed up place. The games are out of hand and have to stop…

The popcorn is really good as I watch this all unfold. America is walking the path to civil war and trying to create a war with Russia and or China to stop that civil war from developing. The Pink Revolution happening in America is getting hot and the ones in power know this…

* * * * *

Vova and I talked and he calmed down. I am his best friend, I am an American and he does not understand that most Americans are not like me and or like Russians. Americans do live in a world of all their own…


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