This Could Be Why Russia Is Grumpy About The Missiles!!

If the US plan goes ahead as expected, high powered radars from Poland will be able to cover all of European Russia, and a good chunk of Siberia as well:

At the same time, it illustrates just why Central/Eastern Europe is such a perfect site for this anti-missile system.

  • It’s directly in between any missiles that may be fired from Iran towards the US.
  • It’s almost directly in between any missiles that might head towards Western Europe.
  • It’s sufficiently far enough away to allow interceptors to be launched in good time.
  • It’s perfectly placed to mesh with US-based radars covering the Atlantic and Arctic oceans.
  • Oh yes – and it just happens to have a bonus feature allowing sneak peaks into Russian airspace…”



Russians Drink anything…


1st picture- environmentally safe antifreeze.
2nd picture- antifreeze kills animals.
3rd picture- High powered racing antifreeze, For Those On The Go!
4th picture- Do not waste that old antifreeze!

((“sometimes at a rate of two votes per second, more than 25,000 testified to being “regular” consumers of antifreeze and the like. Even after BBC computers zeroed out the results the next morning, the votes kept piling in, with over 90% blithely confirming suspicions that Russians are pretty much liquored up all the time.”))

Were you asked to vote in a BBC poll. Thousands of Russian blogger and Internet users have visited the BBC website to answer to the question. “Do you drink, eau de cologne, antifreeze, and detergents?” The answer ‘Regularly” was the most popular in the poll at about 90%.

Russian Internet users in the past have helped to push one other prank question to the top position: “Is Russia going to deploy combat android robots for protection of its borders?” Never underestimate the power of Russian blogger. Especially when it is something relatively mindless.

There are a lot of Russians on the Internet. It was said, that so many responses came in that the servers were over loaded. That even when the poll was shut down for the overload, that when reopened it was still being heavily hit.

This was a poor poll for BBC to put out, I understand that these polls are computer generated at times. So this might be an example of that. A computer logical question but not human logical. Also the translation from different languages can cause question problems. I think that BBC should scan the poll questions before posting.

I can tell you from living in the USA and now Moscow, The drinkers of alcohol are just as bad in America. You have a bar on every corner and every quick stop sells beer. So Americans could be asked the same question, Home brew is very popular in the USA and I personally knew some interesting characters that went blind drinking rubbing alcohol.

comments always welcome!


New Domain!!!


Had fun today, NOT!

Purchased a web domain today, moved my blog site to the new domain and lost everything. Took me hours to get it all back. Now the blog is on the new domain. instead of
I have my own spot now in the Internet world.

The transfer was not easy and was not fun. I did get everything working. Now I am publishing this article.

Want to thank my Wife for being patient with me, because I can get grumpy at times. This was one of those times. 🙂


Putin @ Bush, Buddies!!


I have a hard time thinking that the two most powerful Presidents did not go home after the G-8 meeting and say to the family, (God what I just had to go through for world peace!) Sometimes even the “elite” has to play nice!

I find it interesting that Bush invited Putin to his Texas Ranch. Interesting to see if Putin will go.

I am glad it went well, Now Bush just needs to forget about those missiles in Europe!


Russian Mosquitoes!

. .

The three pictures are of the three types of mosquitoes that live in Russia…

1st picture- normal Moscow variety, just slightly irritating…

2nd picture- this mosquito lives in normal cities and towns, people carry shotguns to kill them. This variety has been known to carry off cats and dogs when traveling in packs of 20 to 30 mosquitoes at a time…

3rd picture- This is the mosquito that lived in the Village I stayed at. The photo was taken at 100 meters and still could only get his head in the photo. This is a Giant Killer Village Mosquito. Bred in the Russian country side. (Now you know why the Villages are empty): Takes Army tanks and rocket launchers to kill them!!!

Other than Giant Killer Mosquitoes, The Villages are perfect!

Post by Kyle Keeton
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