Russia: Her Traffic Cops!


I was drinking my morning cup of coffee and I came across this article that made me laugh until I had tears in my eyes, then I got serious about what happened.

You have to live in Russia and experience the Traffic Cops, to fully appreciate this article.

The typical driving Russian has a run in with these Traffic Cops on a regular bases. Then you fork out about 500 Rubles to keep the Traffic Cop happy and drive away.

I have a saying: “The traffic cop in Russia looks not for who is breaking the law, They look for who they can get money out of .” {We (my Wife and I) surprise many cops, with an old Volga and a American driving :)) }

Now on a serious note:

I wish I could have been at this scene, I would have helped the cop who was being beat up. (Osipov).

Why? The Traffic Cop, Osipov refused to bend the law. He should be commended for the action. I wonder why the other Traffic Cop with him did not help him fight the Senior Police Officer?

Many unanswered questions.

One thing I will say, The average Traffic Cop in Russia is changing. He is become more respected by me as I live here longer. I have seen a change in the Traffic Cop. I hope the change continues.

(The Moscow Times)
The article:

A senior police officer who caused a crash by veering into oncoming traffic in southern Moscow beat up a traffic policeman who refused to overlook the violation.

Prosecutors have opened a criminal inquiry into the incident, which, Interfax sources said, left the traffic policeman hospitalized with facial injuries and a concussion.

The assailant, Alexei Shornikov, is a senior lieutenant of the Central Federal District branch of the Interior Ministry, the Southwest Administrative District Prosecutor’s Office said in a statement. Calls to the branch went unanswered Thursday.

The incident took place Wednesday afternoon when traffic police were alerted to an accident on Ulitsa Miklukho-Maklaya in southern Moscow.

Two traffic policemen — identified by the prosecutor’s office as A. Osipov and Y. Kamyshnikov — arrived at the scene and asked Shornikov for his license to drive his Mercedes. Interfax reported that Shornikov had steered into oncoming traffic and hit a GAZel van.

Shornikov refused to show his documents and tried to persuade Osipov not to register the accident, which would have resulted in his license being suspended for one year. Osipov refused, and Shornikov attacked him.

Osipov was admitted to the Botkinskaya Hospital with a concussion and facial injuries. Shornikov was detained and taken to the prosecutor’s office.

If tried and convicted, Shornikov faces up to five years in prison for assaulting an officer.”


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