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  • November 30, 2010 -

    Coffee and Responsibility…

    Drinking that morning cup of coffee gave me sometime to think about the reactions that other countries are having to the Wikileaks Cable  Dump… Most everyone says, “We will not worry about it – but?” It is the “but” that could be the problem. Moscow is approaching the whole affair on a “verify first, comment […]

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  • The main points of what the Russian president said in his state of the nation address: Compliments of RIA: 1. Agreement on missile defense system will either be reached within the next decade or Russia will need to deploy new strike forces 2. Measures against major oil spills should be discussed globally 3. Bribe takers […]

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  • While drinking that morning cup of coffee. I found myself thinking about an issue that crops up a lot. I found today that I have been censored from many of the videos that I was able to get to yesterday. I kept links on all the videos that I wanted to study that were on […]

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