Results of Medvedev’s visit to the Middle East…

With King Abdullah II of Jordan.

Dmitry Medvedev answered journalists’ questions on the outcome of his visit to Jordan and Palestine.

* * *

QUESTION: Mr President, could you please tell us about the outcome of your visit to the Middle East? Also, perhaps you could outline Russia’s position on the possible convening of the UN Security Council during which Palestine would declare its independence unilaterally? Will Russia hold consultations with Israel on this issue?

PRESIDENT OF RUSSIA DMITRY MEDVEDEV: I am ready to briefly summarize the results of the visit. The main result is that I was able to hold consultations with our close partners: the Palestinian Authority, specifically with Palestinian President and Head of the National Authority Mahmoud Abbas, and here in Jordan, with His Majesty King Abdullah II.

Both of these visits are not just meetings for us; these are our partners in the Middle East. Palestine’s plight is clear. We talk a great deal about ways to return the settlement process to a normal level. We have been holding consultations as part of the Middle East Quartet and other international forums. This was an opportunity to consult with our closest partners, to touch on all these issues directly, firsthand, as they say. It has been very useful, both in order to maintain direct contact with our colleagues, and to give an impetus to the negotiation process. In the near future, the Quartet of mediators will meet for consultation in Munich. I hope that we will be able to submit specific recommendations.

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