Information on the Status of Russian / American Adoption Proceedings…


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On December, 1-3, 2010 Russian-American negotiations on cooperation in the field of international adoption will take place

On December, 1-3st, 2010 in Washington there will pass the next meeting of the Russian and American experts devoted to preparation of the agreement concerning adoption between the Russian Federation and the USA. The Russian delegation at negotiations will be headed by Mrs. Alina Levitskaya, the director of Department of upbringing and socialization of children of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

According to Mrs. Levitskaya, “there are bases to hope that the talks will allow to remove the remained issues and thereby ensuring the prompt signing of the agreement“.

The subject of discussion will be several items of the draft agreement on which the Russian side had been stated remarks. In particular, according to the Russian experts, it is required to specify procedures for the recognition decision on adoption in the accepting state, for receiving by the adopted child the citizenship of this state, the organization monitoring the cases of conversion of adopted children.

Russia and the USA on the whole coordinated the project on adoption

On April, 20, consultations on signature of agreement on adoption between the Russian Federation and the United States will take place

Information report on question of return of an under age citizen of the Russian Federation

Russia and France plan to sign a cooperation agreement in the field of adoption in 2010

I am waiting for updates from this point on all the proceedings. So I realize this is two months old. But it is the latest information that I can come up with. It has become silent on the adoption issue since the latest abuse case that has come forward… Kyle

Feburary 1st – Boris Yeltsin’s Birthday…

Medvedev unveils monument to Yeltsin:

Boris Yeltsin is a strange sometimes volital topic in Russia to discuss. If you mention his name you have about a 50 / 50 split as to what reaction you will get. I have really seen no middle of the road yet…

Russians either like him or they don’t. Now they have a huge statue of him to stare at…

President Dmitry Medvedev has arrived in Yekaterinburg where he is set to attend the opening ceremony of a monument to former Russian head of state Boris Yeltsin, who today would have turned 80 years old. Sculptor Georgy Frangulyan says the monument comprises several pieces of marble weighing 15 tons each and stands at around 10 meters tall. Frangulyan noted that the monument’s dynamic composition symbolises Yeltsin’s energy.

What I am not sure about on this particular occasion: Medvedev has made a few statements about Yeltsin and that Russia should embrace the real value of reforms made by Russia’s first president Boris Yeltsin…

Has Medvedev stepped right or wrong in his endorsement of a man that is either loved or hated equally?

I know what my wife says about him (Yeltsin) and she don’t like him… 🙂

I guess time will see…

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