What does a 1000 rubles buy?

What you are faced with in a Russian store…decisions, decisions…

A 1000 rubles is as per todays exchange = $17.69…

I bought groceries for about six meals and that translates into around $3.00 a meal….two people, who will eat good. I bought, eight chicken breasts frozen, big bottle of soda, almost a kilo of red and yellow peppers, special tofu noodles, two cans of mushrooms, cucumbers, tomatoes, kielbasa, sour cream, two liters of milk and a dozen other items…

I had a huge sack full of goodies. I usually do not buy that much, but the refrigerator was getting empty. It is full now and I have food to cook for three plus days, with what was still in the fridge…

Cost of Living? Moscow way down the list…

I just wrote about how reasonable Moscow is to live at. I have talked before about such things. That money even included a treat for me. Some chips to munch on today. I buy them once in awhile and today I wanted a treat….they are spicy and since Svetochka does not like such goodies as this. I buy them just for myself… 😉

29 rubles buys a big pack and I love them….not really good for me, but sometimes we have to accept that we are weak and want something not good for us…

I did notice bread today was 8 rubles a kilo, but I do not buy hardly any bread anymore. but it is cheap…

It is real life in Russia…

Stores are packed with stock, food is cheap and life is good…


Putin sometimes tells jokes…

Putin tells an old yarn from the Soviet era about bureaucratic unpredictability: Just one variation of transcript below. Video is actually Putin…

An American spy goes to Lubyanka (the headquarters of the Soviet secret police in Moscow) and says:

— I’m a spy, I want to turn myself in.

— Who do you work for?

— America.

— OK, go to room 5.

He goes to room 5 and says:

— I’m an American spy. I want to turn myself in.

— Are you armed?

— Yes, I’m armed.

— Go to room 7, please.

He goes to room 7 and says:

— I am an American spy, I’m armed, I want to turn myself in.

— Go to room 10.

He goes to room 10 and says:

— I’m a spy, I want to turn myself in!

— Do you have any communication with the Americans?

— Yes.

— Go to room 20.

He goes to room 20 and says:

— I’m a spy, I’m armed, I’m in communication with America and I want to turn myself in.

— Have you been sent on a mission?

— Yes.

— Well? “Get out” and go do it! Stop bothering people while “they’re working!”

Now that is the truth… 😉