The “Kremlin list” Is a Bullet Aimed at Putin’s Heart – Paul Craig Roberts

These are the kind of posts that get WtR attacked, but if someone does not keep saying it, repeating it and driving it home to the band, soon it will be too late…

The world has reached a point that they are tired of being bullied…

I agree to a point with what Paul Craig Roberts is saying. But, what this last move by America has done is start the war drums beating for the first time in a long time in Russia. This is not good and unless America starts to grow up and become civilized. Those war drums will do nothing but get louder and louder. The Russian patriots are getting ready to talk the talk and that means they will walk the walk…

The Russian government, media, and public don’t know what to make of the US Treasury’s “Kremlin list.” The Treasury list contains the names of the top echelon of Russian government and business leadership. The Russians understand that the list is unfriendly and furthers Washington’s policy of worsening the relationship between the two major nuclear powers, but beyond that the list seems to be a mystery to them. – Paul Craig Roberts

America, do not step over the Rubicon, what awaits on the other side is our (American) homeland being devastated….do no0t mistake quiet reaction with weakness. Instead take the quietness as that introvert waiting until the right moment….the introvert has muscles and is fast and will not stop until you are defeated…

Russia Is Preparing for Nuclear War with the US and Its Allies

This is not a game and when we step over that Rubicon…

Starting to Look Like the West Will Cross the Rubicon River…

As we did with Libya, there will not be a weak country waiting for her. It will be Russia and China and they do not look at bluffing, games and lies as something that you can take away at a whim…

Paul Craig Roberts is correct in that this last round of sanction crap targets Putin, but….it just makes Russians more determined to get out from under the games of the Western Empire…

Wake up and do something about it…

Question: Do you desire to live like this?

I do not!


Russia: Twenty-eight athletes were totally cleared and got back all their medals… Olympic Games in Sochi

Situation in connection with the decision of the Court of Arbitration for Sport to abolish the lifetime disqualification and cancellation of the results of 28 Russian athletes at the Olympic Games in Sochi

Government House, Moscow

Government meeting.

Excerpts from the transcript:
Government meeting

Government meeting:

Vitaly Mutko: Today CAS has published its decision. It considered the appeals of our athletes against the decision of the IOC, the so-called Oswald commission, which examined 43 cases against our athletes and decided to disqualify them for life and to deprive them of all medals received at the Sochi Olympics. Athletes disagreed with this and filed lawsuits with CAS.

The Ministry of Sport and the Russian Olympic Committee provided full support to athletes and hired the best lawyers and experts, who proved the innocence of the athletes in the trial.

Twenty-eight athletes were totally cleared and got back all their medals. Among them are Olympic champion Alexander Legkov, Olympic champion Alexander Tretyakov (skeleton), Olympic medalists Ivanova (luge), Fatkulina (speed skating).

The decision also influenced the medal standings − Russia regained first place, but the most important thing is that the athletes got their good names back.

Now those athletes who are ready to participate in the Olympic Games in South Korea, who have qualified and have quotas in their sports, will be entered for the Olympics. If the IOC does not invite them, then they will be supported in various lawsuits in the CAS and other relevant courts. Several such lawsuits have already been filed.

As for 11 athletes for whom the CAS upheld the decision on violating the Anti-Doping Rules, part of the sanctions against them have been removed, such as lifetime disqualification, which is, overall, unprecedented. Members of the IOC executive committee, or the commission, who are elected only for a certain amount of time, nevertheless disqualified the athletes for life. We will study the court’s decisions on these athletes and, of course, we will monitor the appeal on these decisions. Among these athletes there are such outstanding ones as Alexander Zubkov (bobsled) and our female hockey players.

Three more cases against our biathletes (Zaitseva, Vilukhina) are under consideration in the CAS. We also believe that they can be won.

Proceedings in CAS once again showed that the accusations are completely superficial, unsubstanciated and unfounded.

The reports, made by Mr McLaren, were not confirmed in any way in the court. We can say that the CAS made a decision that there was no system, no manipulation at the Sochi Olympics.

We are open to interaction with all international sports organisations, we will cooperate. We would like it to be mutual and in good faith.

Dmitry Medvedev: We never doubted that our athletes fully deserved all the medals that they won in Sochi. It is good that the court confirmed this completely and proved that our athletes were clean. This is very important from the point of view of the future of the athletes themselves and the organisation of work on high performance sports in our country.

We must do our best so that the athletes who have been cleared of all charges can take advantage of all the opportunities that they have been given as a result of this judicial decision.