Things in your life #$%&… (Video)

If something has gone wrong in life and you’ve run out of options, there’s now a very easy solution that works in any situation… blame a Russian. Russians are extremely useful because they can be accused of absolutely anything, in fact, there is almost no end to things you can blame on a Russian. Lost an election? Blame a Russian. Need to win an election? Well, a Russian armed with a single Twitter account can persuade entire nations to vote for you. Perhaps you just need to scare the taxpayer into spending more on the military.

Then, you guessed it, just get yourself a Russian.

This week #ICYMI presents to you a once-in-a-lifetime offer. Buy your very own Russian, and never take the blame for anything again! Like what you see?

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Dropped Svetochka off at the train station…

Svetochka goes to her mother and stays the night then they go to vote together. Russia is all excited and the people are buying torts (cake and or pies like treats) like crazy and tons of food. It is party time when the presidential elections are happening…

Ksenia Sobchak sealed her fate, when she said, “Crimea is part of Ukraine!” Oops, that signed her out of the picture years ago…but the west just loves her….But then she changed her mind after everyone dropped her from their minds in Russia and she said, “Today, the discussion over Crimea is already closed. Crimea is a part of Russia and any further discussion whether it should be returned or not makes no sense.”

Crimea is Russia and that is that….even if the west does not like it… 😉