Sweden: Sky is falling: Look Look at Russia…

Fortress Sweden: Inside the plan to mobilize Swedish society against Russia

Sweden is preparing to turn its entire country against an invading force — and to hold out for three months until help arrives….WASHINGTON — Roughly 220 miles of ocean separates Sweden from the heavily militarized Russian port of Kaliningrad. The country’s long, narrow shape leaves it vulnerable to air assault from multiple sides. And Sweden, along with neighboring Finland, are in the unique position as the only non-NATO aligned nations on the Baltic Sea. Hence, the nation spent the Cold War years preparing to fend for itself against a great power invasion, drawing up plans for how to mobilize the entirety of the civilian population and infrastructure to defend its territory. And then the Soviet Union collapsed, a new era of peace dawned and those plans were left to fall fallow. Now, Sweden is looking to change that.

Source: Fortress Sweden: Inside the plan to mobilize Swedish society against Russia

….Meanwhile the mass rapings in Sweden continue unabated and at times seemed embraced, if not encapsulate intentionally. As discernible societal maceration is occurring. It’s called misconstruing who is the veracious enemy, and generally it is not very healthy. I see an European confraternity, spreading disinformation like wildfire and the palpable antagonist is laughing as the ignited cinders fall upon the innocent tender givers of the flames…



By Simo M. Dafir

China is preparing to launch a crude oil futures contract denominated in Chinese yuan and convertible into gold. Such a move not only has the potential to drastically change the rules of the global oil game but could also have consequential economic and geopolitical ramifications. Could this measure be a mere response to a perceived US proclivity to use the dollar and economic sanctions as a means of geopolitical coercion? Or could this be the end of Bretton Woods II happening before our very eyes? Is China just leading a parade away from the dollar to secure a larger slice of the SDR pie? Or could China be poising itself to ring the passing bell of the Petrodollar system? Is it even possible for Saudi Arabia to start pricing oil in Chinese yuan? Then, how likely is a scenario in which Saudi Aramco could serve as the bride in a “Heqin 和親”, or marriage alliance, between the house of Saud and Zhong Guo (China)?


Good read… That wind is blowing in another direction…