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-25 Celsius and Russians Install a Playground…


I had to go back today and take a picture of what I found the workmen doing yesterday. It looks like they took a day off today and that is a good idea. The humidity is in the 90% and the temperature is way below -20, with a fair breeze around 8km per hour. Other words, “It is colder than a – Blue-Belly Hell!”

So Boza and I went and looked over what they had done and I am here to tell you that the ground is frozen like solid rock and the holes they dug, were dug by hand and with a steel bar and shovel…

I find it interesting that Russians do the same in Winter as they do in Summer and I guess the fact that Winter is over at least half of the year, that has a lot to do with the reasoning…

I just wish that I was a kid and could play at this playground. I would have loved to have had a playground like this when I was little. Freezing weather or not…

Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia…


  1. admin Post author | December 19, 2012

    More than 20 people have frozen to death in Russia over the past 24 hours as abnormally cold weather is holding its grip on the country.

    Over 270 people have suffered injuries caused by freezing.

    The average temperature is -18 degrees Celsius in Moscow and -50 degrees in Siberia. Meteorologists say Russia has not seen such cold weather since 1938.

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