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A White Christmas?

So color me racists:

We here in Moscow, Russia had a “White Christmas” and lots of “white” snowmen were created and lots of “white” kids ran around on skies and threw “white snow” at other “white” kids…and even the “white” moms and dads helped build snow forts. And guess what? Those snow forts where “white”…

In fact:

It snowed so hard and furious….everything, everywhere was “white” and “white” and more “white”. Why even Boza, who has a black fur coat was “white”, but he did shake it all off and became “black” again, before he stepped inside the home… 😉

Yes, we had a “White Christmas!”

Something special about Christmas Snow. I am thankful that the snow is white, for if it comes from the sky as any other color, then you got an issue that may need some serious thinking, before you go play in and eat that snow… But besides that thinking….it snowed these huge fluffy flakes and life was muffled and sounds refused to carry. It was like having earmuffs on and you could tune out the rest of the world…

I was raised that snow on Christmas was magical snow. That snow, if used to create snowmen, snow forts and other snow items, was capable of turning these sculptures into living and usable things…

Other words, you build a snowman from Christmas snow?

That snowman would come to life…

I know this is true!

For this morning at 1 a.m….I looked out the window and the dozens of snowmen that were made yesterday on Christmas, were all skiing, walking, dancing and playing in the still falling snow….I swear it is the truth and nothing but the truth… 🙂

I am so glad we had a White Christmas…


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