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“Against All” or None of the Above: Russian elections…

vote-for-nobody-originalA couple of years ago I talked about this and I thought that this would be a great idea. On election ballots the people in Russia have a chance to vote, “Against All!”

Other words, if you think that all candidates suck, then you can vote that they suck, by telling everyone, “I am against All of them!”

I understand that this was part of the older system to vote and now the Duma is talking over bringing it back on a federal level. It is now already being allowed on a local and regional level. Six regions have already voted it in and now the much longer process of being on a federal level will have to start…

I wish the west would do this. Could you imagine the turn out to tell the idiots in office that we do not want any of you. For when you have a vote for “Frick or Frack,” there is nothing to vote for and I remember the last few presidential election is America. It was truly a vote for the lessor of the two evils and both candidates are and have been pathetic…

I am glad Russia is doing this for you have a right to vote for no one and that vote deserves to be heard. For “Nobody” is and can be a powerful candidate…

Posted by Kyle Keeton
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  1. Dan January 13, 2014

    I think it should be standard worldwide, at least for record keeping purposes. It generally a game of the lesser of two evils. Likewise, I bet if that was an option, more people would vote. Too often I hear that there is nobody good to vote for, so people opt to stay home.

    It wouldn’t solve anything for sure, but it would definitely make for an entertaining statistic.

  2. Arvind+Ramanujam January 14, 2014


    Politicians can blame the public for being lazy and irresponsible in not turning up to vote. If this option is implemented, politicians won’t have that excuse.

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