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“America has, All the rights and no freedom!- but – Russia has, All the freedoms and no rights!”

Years ago, I heard a perfect quote about America and Russia! I wished that I could have made it up because it is exactly how I see Russia and the US…

“America has, All the rights and no freedom!-  but – Russia has, All the freedoms and no rights!”

This quote is by Paul O’Brien owner of Starlight Dinners in Moscow, Russia. Paul has been in Russia for a whole bunch of years and knows Russia…

Now that is the difference between America and Russia in a nut shell and I guess that is what I have been trying to say when I say Russia is freer than America. Freedoms are totally different than rights. So do not confuse the two…

I prefer freedom because I’ll deal with my rights in my way and this all points to a huge issue in the U.S. America has lost both freedoms and rights, for a majority of Americans. Remember that word, “majority!”

I have serious freedom in Russia and that is the way I like it…

Posted by Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia…

PS: When you live here it becomes clear to you the big difference…

What is the difference between a Right and a Freedom?

A RIGHT is a legal, moral, or social claim that people are entitled to, primarily from their government. A legal right is something that cannot be given to you one time and then denied another time. If you have a legal right, then some other person has a legal duty to see that this right is honored. If it isn’t, you can rely on the law to see that something is done about the matter…

A FREEDOM is the right to conduct one’s affairs without governmental interference. Unlike a right, no one has a duty to oversee or enforce this freedom. The government, however, still has an obligation not to unduly limit individual freedoms…


  1. Margie February 13, 2015

    Kyle, I really enjoy your posts and very much understand what you are saying.

    I am Dutch, but have lived in the US and UK for many years. In 2005 I moved to Bulgaria, where I live in a village.

    This has been the happiest time in my life. If someone were to offer me gobs of money to move back to US, UK, or Holland, I would REFUSE and I couldn’t think of anything more awful!

    I really thank my lucky stars and God that I ended up here.

    I speak and try to explain to friends and family in the west – they can’t understand. I feel very sorry for them.

  2. kKeeton February 13, 2015

    Margie – Thank you very much! I was just going through a ton of hate comments and being called every name in the book. Then I found your comment and all the hate did not matter at that point. You made my day…


  3. Anonymous February 14, 2015

    Kyle, I’d love to hear more about the lives of people in villages, customs etc. and not the same old political bantar that is everywhere. Thank you. Happy Valentine’s Day from the USA. Sending love. L

  4. kKeeton February 14, 2015

    Yes I would also, BUT we are getting ready for WAR in Russia! This is not political, but our lives, people on this side of the world just want to be left alone…

    That is how screwed up the USA is…

    Kinda messes up the mood for love, don’t you think?

  5. Marion February 14, 2015

    This is poster material – I’ll put it up next to my poster of Emiliano Zapata.


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