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Artem Saveliev in Russia, Gets His Cake and Eats it Too…

Russia has been relentless in pursuing this case. Russia even fought it out in the American court system. It has not been easy and this disgusting woman has finally gotten her dues…

The former foster mother of Russian Artem Saveliev, American Torry Hansen, has failed to convince the court to cancel a child support order handed down by Circuit Court Judge Lee Russell in Bedford County, Tennessee and will have to continue to pay a thousand dollars a month in child-support for the maintenance of Artem up to his 18th birthday.

The latest court decision also upheld an order to pay $58,000 dollars in damages to the abandoned child.

Artem Saveliev was adopted from an orphanage of Primorsky Krai and taken to the United States by the foster mother.

Six months later, he was placed on a plane, all alone, and flew to Moscow from Washington.

The authorities discovered that boy was only carrying a backpack with a few clothes, his passport and a note to the Russian authorities from the mother saying she was annulling the adoption as the boy was unbalanced. TASS

Windows to Russia…

PS: I have a whole bunch of articles on this subject…

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  1. Natascha August 21, 2012

    My God he grew from the picture when he was first adopted by Tory Hansen and good looking too. I wish him all the good luck in his Future.


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