Can You find the lizard?

LizardBoza found it, Sveta found it and I said, “That is a beautiful lizard!”

Even though he was hard to find, Boza made sure to corral him out of the yard. For Boza is the guard dog of his village home, you know!

Post by Kyle Keeton
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Great camera you have there…

…by the way, last two packages I got from UPS were damaged at one end…the book box had one corner torn off (the size of an orange) = it contained only the latest Kung Fu magazine) and a set of Nordic walking poles – one corner torn off, again the size of an orange. Nothing interesting to the nosies I guess.
No computer yet – I expect it in pieces with a note for the P,O, that it was damaged in transit. >:(


1 on 2


So Kyle, you need a good chuckle and I’m here to ask you some personal questions regarding village life. Okay………what do they use as TP in the outhouse. I know in S America they gather leaves and when I was a young kid my cousins on the farm used Sears catalogue pages or the funny papers. Just wondering what my mom would have used in the 20’s and 30’s. Also, do you have a Pichka (stove) and is that typical for cooking. Can you bake in it? How many rooms do most village houses have and is there a separation… Read more »

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