CNN On Artyem Saveliev!

Interesting how Western Press can actually get it right: Seems that America has decided to straight shoot on this story and not lie. I am impressed and wish that they would always report like this on Russia. But that would be asking for too much. I noticed that the Western press has even given Artyem his old name back…
CNN has this really good video that they put together about Artyem:
The case of Artyem comes after the Russian media focused intense attention on several previous cases in recent years of abuse involving adopted Russian children in the United States. Not surprisingly, some Russians are calling for an end to the practice of foreign adoption.

“I am against the idea of sending our children abroad,” said a woman, who gave her name only as Alexandra, as she watched her grandchildren play on a sunny day in a Moscow park.

Russian officials have made public appeals for a temporary freeze of American adoption of Russian children until a proposed bilateral treaty has been signed to allow monitoring of children after they are brought to the United States.

“We don’t have any instrument or tools to control our children which are living in adoptive families,” said Astakhov. “In this situation we have a kind of legal vacuum … we have to freeze all activity in the adoptive process for the United States of America.”

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