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Coffee Thought Time: Live Free or Die…

I honestly believe that America has taken the wrong path and that path is to her demise. We went through the terrible growing pains of a great nation and a nation that was built upon real values and morals. In God we trust and liberty, prayer, freedom, morality, compassion and all that good meaning conceptions, was our life, in thoughts and actions. Then something happened and we became the polar opposite, not just in mind and actions, but in morals, soul and spiritual; Like a creeping virus, America became what we fought against in the past. We became the Evil Empire that we so despise in our past…

We came to a crossroad as a nation and instead of taking the hardest and most developing of our society route, we took the easy and manipulated route of existence. I call it the “Roman Syndrome,” it is a surefire path to destruction…

Unfortunately, we have a serious dour problem. Our Western leadership is criminally insane. Be that how you want to take it, but the desire for power, money and self-satisfaction is predominately controlling within the contents of their cerebral cortex and they are non compos mentis…

They know Putin and the Russians are not insane and they will attempt to blackmail Russia into the western way of doing things. Knowing the Russians are not psychopaths, Putin may acquiesce to avoid the total destruction of nuclear war…

That does not make our world better, just much worse if the west is unchecked…

The bad guys are banking on the fact that Putin will not launch a retaliatory strike, choosing instead to spare the world nuclear devastation, as he is not a psychopath like them. This is the game plan and it is a terrible game to play…

Sadly the only way to deal with the insane is to become more insane than them, “Tell Vlad to push the button and never let them think that he won’t…”

For to do any less, will never work. The west looks at aggression as the appropriate way of life. Therefore, you must counter with aggression or they (west) will never back down. Until the west sees that they have too much to lose (money is a good example,) they will keep doing what they do best and that is to create chaos all over the world…

Live free or die! Means that death is preferable to being oppressed. It was made popular during the American revolutionary war, and is the motto of New Hampshire. It use to be part of the American way of life…

Russia has to embrace the concept of “Live Free or Die,” for if they do not, they will be downtrodden and subdued as they become a servant to the Western Empire…

There comes a time when you must fight and to do anything less will destroy all that you have worked for anyhow…

Yes life is as simple as, “Good against Evil!”

“Live free or die: Death is not the worst of evils.” – John Stark…

Post by Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia…


  1. Kayo July 28, 2014

    I hope this incident would be a wake-up call to the Russian elites. They seem a bit naive when dealing with the West. It doesn’t look like they knew that lying is the way of life for the Western empire. From the time of the Soviet Union, the Russian leadership and that of the then USSR has always shown more trust to the West than the West deserve. Frankly, I think that the Russia elites would profit to learn from such veteran of Western-buster like Fidel Castro. From the word go, Castro has read and interpreted Barack Obama for the world. Obama is a snake charmer says, Castro. I wish Russia had taken notice then.

  2. Tiny Tim July 29, 2014

    If I’m Mr. Putin, I begin asking China if it would like a nice piece of Eastern Siberia in exchange for a couple hundred thousand soldiers, and some tanks, maybe a new railroad to connect SW Russia to the Far East… Surely China must see the writing on the wall, needs the land/water, and could easily dispatch 200k troops to Russia’s west for long term ‘exercises’.

    I’d also send a few naval vessels to Syria and give them, in the clear light of day, better anti-aircraft missiles as well as some ballistics. I’d park a few subs in the eastern med, on exercises. I’d make it very clear that any airstrikes or missile strikes by the US or Israel on Russian nationals would be treated as an act of war.

    The time for playing D is over – and I’m not looking for a war, I’m looking for a way to avoid it. That means speaking in the only language the people running the Washington-London-Tel Aviv axis understand. That means subs near Israel’s coast, and it also means daring to put their aircraft carrie there with a dozen or so jets.

    A mad dog is frightening. A mad bear is truly terrifying. Meanwhile, Putin can on the other hand make loud noises about demilitarizing the East of Ukraine and having the parties meet under UN Security Council auspices to discuss some kind of limited autonomy, and suggest teaming up with the US and Israel to confront ISIS and’fight terrory’ [and yes, ISIS is without any doubt Saudi and CIA backed, and quite possibly has Israeli and Turkish involvement as well – this is for the cameras stuff]

    It’s not like there’s any sign of an Operation Valkyrie within the US or NATO, and as admirable as many on the Israeli Left are, it’s clear that country’s majority is rapidly going full retard, and the name of the game is not letting it, and its embedded 5th columnists and dual citizens drag us into needless conflict, as seems to be the purpose of many of the zionist right.

    Of course, even better than above – Obama or the CIA discover, suddenly, lots of evidence of Israeli spying, and politely direct the media to talk about it at great length.

    Obama could pick up the phone when Abe Foxman calls and say, “not on this one Abe. this time, it’s all gone too far.”

    America First. That’s really not too much to ask.

  3. WWB July 29, 2014

    The operable word is ‘psychopaths’, and not having a conscience makes their mission much easier than simple termites who have to operate within the system of their group, as psychopaths do not, will not… they simple act like a virus and infiltrate, spread and destroy ‘until death do us part’. That is what Putin has to keep in mind, and no doubt, he’s had some experience with these types already, as oligarchs around the world love to use these predatory machines to test the waters before ‘pulling the rug out’ on the whole puppet show…. ‘bringing down the house’… before Mother Nature does…. anyone notice how quiet the sun is lately? That usually spells ‘little Ice Age’ at the minimum, but since we live within an interglacial, we are set to return to the norm, ie a regular glacial period, rather soon…. not to mention all the other cosmic crap headed our way soon…. anyone notice that in recent years, our govt has been quite interested in ‘dark matter’?… such as dark stars(brown dwarfs), comet clusters and other energetic ‘waves’ that serve as lines of demarcation between one dimension and the next… .anyone notice all those sinkholes lately as the sun has gone quiet? Add a little lightning to the gaseous releases from said situations and problems start showing up everywhere…. now all the global oligarchs have to do is keep the puppet show going a little longer to serve as a distraction… pull the rug out, create as much chaos as possible for their patrons and then watch the herding process unfold for the grand finale.

  4. crazy usa July 29, 2014

    Make no mistake. The USSA is the evil empire on this planet, and evil empires will do anything to pretend they’re not in the process of spiraling down the toilet of history. As situations get crazier, expect the crazier people to dominate even more completely.

  5. Sane and not liking it July 29, 2014

    If Putin wanted to kill, he would have gone to war long before today. The west pushes, pushes, pushes and, still, he tries not to kill. At some point he will have to go to war because he’s being forced to do so by the west. At some point that war will come to America and we will know what hell is.

  6. frank Malone July 29, 2014

    Nobody anywhere should be mistaken as to WHO is creating this new (cold/hot) war against Russia and then China: it is Washington and its puppets in Europe, most notably in Westminster. These two countries are being run by criminals and it doesn’t matter which political party wins an election, they play the same game to the same rules. The only thing that will bring this madness to an end are literally millions out on the streets and plentiful supplies of rope and piano wire.

  7. Frankly my dear July 29, 2014

    I trust the Russians more than Amerika. As long as Putin is in charge – there will be sanity in Russia. America has no sanity and is a joke.

  8. Marion July 29, 2014

    As the title of one of my husband’s favorite Field and Stream magazines article proclaims, EXIT LAUGHING.

    I agree with you – now they are squeaking about Russia violating a nuclear test treaty… big whoopee! We violated the promises made to Russia during the reunification of Germany whereby NATO would not expand any further east!

    Ask out Native Americans if they trust any American Treaty….Like I said, EXIT LAUGHING.

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