Crimea, Part 2: Crimean Mountains…



As promised, part two. This article was posted originally on Sept 30, 2007….

Part 1 is here… (Link)

The mountains of Crimea: At the sea level in Yalta it was 70 degrees F. or 20 to 21 degrees C. We got to the mountains and it was below 0 degrees C. I can only continue by saying what I stated yesterday, The Crimea was the most wonderful place I ever visited. You have it all there, beautiful sea to magnificent mountains…

The drive up the mountains was very pleasant, the one thing that shocked me was that there was snow everywhere. The mountains were not just rolling tiny hills. They had some size to them!

Got to the top of the mountains and found a lift station, that came from near Yalta. It was not operating now, but soon to be open. The area around the lift was full of eating places and stores to buy just about anything you would want. In fact one of the best meals that we had on the trip was eaten on this mountain top. In a small place called (something like) Welcome. I had my first shashlyk. BBQ on a stick. Americans call it shish kabob. It was lamb and was delicious. They were so excited, they had an American to eat their food. I ate too much of course!

The one thing that I can say about Russia, Ukraine, and Moldova. The people have always been very nice and always try to help me if I needed help. The people on the mountain top were no exception…

1st picture: The lift!
2nd picture: Yalta
3rd picture: Road to top and lots of snow!
4th picture: Road to the top!
5th picture: The wonderful mountain Village.

As I use to say for expressive words as when I was growing up, The Crimea was really “COOL” and “FAR-OUT MAN!”

I can not wait to go back…

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Villa Areklo

This is great. I’m glad I have finally found someone who thinks like I do. Keep it rolling!

Mark Crowel

Beautiful photograghs. What a vacation that would be. Do you still have Sammy, your Volga?