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Desecrate a Russian Church and Get in Playboy… (Oh My!)

Help Playboy Sales?

The Western World makes it easy to understand and comprehend how in a state of stupor or stupefied it is. Playboy has asked its Ukraine branch to try to work out a deal and get some nude photos to help its sales…

Playboy magazine has offered a member of the Russian female punk band Pussy Riot, who is currently awaiting verdict in a trial in Moscow on hooliganism charges, to pose for its centerfold…

I am embarrassed to see this kind of stuff come out of the world I grew up in…

Maybe performing satanic rituals in the churches of America within the Playboy pages would be a good idea…

Go for it… 🙂

Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia…


Three members of Russian girl punk band Pussy Riot were found guilty of hooliganism by a Moscow district court on Friday.

Judge Marina Sirovaya said Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, 22, Maria Alyokhina, 24, and Yekaterina Samutsevich, 30, were guilty and would not be acquitted.


  1. Robert Y August 16, 2012

    A Caucasian kills a Russian in Moscow and gets a 2 years house-arrest. That’s justice for sure.

  2. admin Post author | August 16, 2012

    You are right and I agree! But they won’t be in Playboy. That is justice for sure…

  3. From a Yanky! August 16, 2012

    Why I’m not surprised by this move of the pornography industry, which is one of the greatest symbols of the degradation and sickness of the West? The sordid and repulsive sub world of pornography is not new for this P*ssy Riot member, she participated in a porno movie while pregnant, as disgusting as this can be (there is photographic proof of this).

  4. Stupid Girls! August 16, 2012

    These girls even stuff their body parts with strange things and they really did perform satanic rituals. They should be expelled from the country after a few years in jail. Next time they can go piss in a Western Church…

  5. Sick Girls August 16, 2012

    If Pu$$y Riot is entitled to disrupt religious worship, what’s next? Will they demand the right to hold orgies in churches? Surely, people have a right to practice their faith without being harassed by vulgar displays of hooliganism. Having said that, I am hopeful these girls will appreciate that they have disrespected other people’s rights to religious belief and practice. It may be that ‘time served’ together with a term of community service will be an appropriate sentence. To that end, I would suggest these girls work alongside the religious groups who are trying to assist drug addicted youth. At least their actions, in this case, will have a meaningful and constructive influence upon Rusiian society.

  6. Myra August 16, 2012

    So, is it a “human right”,with or without western philantrophist NGO backing, to desecrate a Church to make a political statement? Of course not. Sick satanical and depraved behaviour like the sex orgie and the stuffing of frozen chicken up their genitals in order to get attention to their western backers is not even mentioned in western corporate media (quell surprise) but offending a nation of orthodox belivers in their most sacred cathedral seems to be quite all right as long as it serves to discredit the western fascist regimes dangerous (and to their NWO agenda) most hated man: Vladimir Putin.

  7. Frank August 16, 2012

    I think PR should be free, because the worst thing they did was some vandalism.

    However, they have earned ZERO respect.
    Judging by the action and conduct, they are vandals, saboteurs, and a horrible role model for kids.

    To support PR fully is to support obnoxious and loud attention-seeking, foul mouth language, pointless iconoclasm and hate against some of the most well meaning and charitable human beings in the world (the caretakers of this church).

    I can not support them fully, but the harmless ignorant girls should be free. They should pay for the destruction, and they have earned a good public embarrassment in terms of opening their private life.

    But due to the fact they would moat likely pose for Playboy then they really have no morals anyway!

  8. Sam August 17, 2012

    It is what we are and it is how the Roman Empire fell! I see the future in the past and people in America do not understand that they are living on borrowed money. Morals are gone!

  9. Sarkozy August 17, 2012

    Sick sick sick russiana nd now we need to attack Russia and take these girls fom prison! Sick sick sick sick vodka drinking bastards Russians, **** ***** you

  10. Weird August 17, 2012

    In America we just shoot up the church with guns. You know we have religious freedoms and such.

  11. James August 17, 2012

    Now Playboy can do a “Scraggy Girls behind Russian Bars” photo set. 3 years is what I read. Very good for the things they were doing and some of what they did was in front of children and it was not very moral at all. But hey we Americans support immoral things.

  12. admin Post author | August 17, 2012

    What tends to be overlooked in the mass of commentary about Voina and Pussy Riot is that their actions take place in public places within the possible sight or hearing of children. This was true of the phallus painted on the bridge, the orgy in the museum and the theft of the frozen chicken in the supermarket. Film of the last event shows a young child present though he may have been brought there by one of the group’s members.

  13. fran August 21, 2012

    Highly energetic post, I loved that bit. Will there be a part 2?

  14. WWB August 22, 2012

    by Marcos

    It is not something we see everyday: the entire western media, pop stars like Sting, Madonna and Macartney running amok over an obscure Russian punk girlie band. The left wing newspaper Guardian in London screams “It is worse than the Soviet era”, and is echoed by one of the bastions of neocons in America, Freedom House, through its director Susan Corke.

    The group is called Pussy Riot, and they were arrested for hooliganism and desecration of the Moscow Cathedral, singing blasphemous verses, and attacking president Putin. Last week, they have been sentenced to two years in jail. They were not condemned for their political views, which they have freely expressed many times before.

    Pussy Riot is not a band They have never recorded a CD, never played in a show. In fact, they are a radical communist group, that loves Karl Marx and performs in honor of Che Guevara’s birthday. They are a branch of the extremist group “Voina”, (the word means war), that is known for many disgusting and even dangerous agit-prop actions since 2002. Here is an article describing their obscene stunts. Now there is strong evidence that they have been supported by agencies from the western elite.

    It is interesting to notice that most countries have similar laws against attacks on religion, including England, where the penalty is even more severe, the US and even Brazil, where the action can result in one year of jail time.


    Pussy Riot now joins the bare-breasted Ukranian Femen group, the “March of the Sluts” groups and the Gay Parades that have been in the news lately. Always well funded, their agenda is extreme feminism, cultural marxism and the destruction of all traditional relgious and family values. The use of “frontmen”, agents provocateurs who end up as “victims” after intentional confrontation is an old tactic of Cultural Marxists.

    Russia is now a special target since the country has turned to more nationalist, conservative ways. Recently, Russia has forbidden gay parades for 100 years, and Saint Petersburg does not allow propaganda that may expose children to the gay lifestyle. They also regulated and controlled foreign-funded NGOs, thus cutting the arms of foreign influence in Russia.

    The proof that the global media doesn’t care about freedom of expression is that, almost at the same time, Julian Assange from Wikileaks fame was thrown to the dogs. There was even talk about Britain invading the Ecuador embassy in order to arrest him. Madonna surely didn’t utter a word to support him.


    Putin inherited a country in ruins. Russia had life expectancy levels comparable to some poor African countries. Once known as a source of Nobel Prizes, now Russia ranks behind Turkey in educational tests and produces less than 1.7% of all published scientific research in the world.

    The demographic situation of the country is abysmal. Russia is the largest country in area in the world but its population is declining by the day. Considering that Russia ranks first in natural gas reserves with 643 trillion cubic feet, we see that Russia is like a wounded bear, ready for the hyenas to attack.

    It is common knowledge that Gorbatchev intended to deliver Soviet Union into the hands of the new world order elite. A New Ager himself, he put almost all riches of the country in pockets of Masonic bankers and oligarchs who were front men to Rothschild interests.

    However, they underestimated the strength of the KGB and the star of Putin. Gorbachev could move to San Francisco, but the KGB officials wanted to keep their power.

    Marxist Russia was, after all, more Russian than Marxist. Even in Stalinist times, Russians always wanted their country to be the leader of the Communist world. They built a state bureaucracy so strong that it resisted the end of materialist Marxism. Putin (and his mentor Aleksandr Dugin) still believe in the promise of an Eurasian empire led by Russia, Marxist or not.

    Putin must have realized that Russia was at a crossroad and strong action was needed to save the country from more plunder and the destruction of the government bureaucracy (KGB) privileges. He confronted the oligarchs and send many to jail. He allied himself with the Orthodox Church and the patriotic spirit of the people, and that’s why he is loved by so many Russians.

    Russia is now more concerned with its power as a nation and its state bureaucracy than championing Marxism. Materialist Marxism has passed its expiry date and now Cultural Marxism has been adopted by the western new world order elite. It is the way they control societies.

    Finally, let’s remember that Russia is no angel. Putin is indeed an authoritarian leader and KGB is still active in several countries. Its profile is fascist. It is very ironic that Cultural Marxism is being used to attack Russia, the same tool that it used successfully for decades against the West.


    The western satanic elite is using NGOs to destabilize countries which are resisting their new world order and undermine any values that empower the individual, such as family, patriotism and religion.

    In typical School of Frankfurt strategy, it works with opinion leaders, the media, show business and education. They make it look like the desired change had grassroots origins. In integrated countries, it mostly uses political correctness and eco-nazism (Greenpeace, WWF).

    The so-called Arab spring was without a doubt the most successful application of this strategy so far. Small groups funded by the elite, many times through George Soros and his many organizations, spread dissent in society (agitprop Marxist tactics). In the Islamic countries, this resulted in the coming to power of the Muslim Brotherhood, a Masonic organization which works for the NWO. Now the elite is trying the same strategy with Russia.

    It seems there is resistance to the western-based New World Order in Russia and perhaps China. These countries have been in and out of control, but their patriotism and isolationism make them special cases.

    Geopolitics is still relevant. Unfortunately, both have maintained some sovereignty from the western NWO only through authoritarian (and in the Chinese case, murderous) regimes.

    If Russia, through Putin, has indeed deviated the western New World Order, we can be sure that conflict can only escalate in the future.

    Related – Illuminati Killed Communism to Reclaim Russia

    Western Mass Media – Shameless agitprop

    “Why Pussy Riot Honors the Struggles of Women Everywhere”

    First comment from Dan

    To those that just entered the theatre – it’s important you know that this has been a show in progress for a long, long time. Before Pussy Riot, before Limonov, before Trotsky – before Lenin even…..The “show must go on”.

    Look at the dialectics of the ‘Pussy Riot’ simulacrum. They’re deliberately over the top that people who care for social stability (traditional values) are driven to look to Putin and the KGB as the good guys. Think about it. There are no good guys running world powers. Orwell was right.

    The other demographic is the kind of youth that buys Lady Gaga CDs and cheers for gay parades and ‘gay marriage’ – even though they’re not gay themselves. Look at the propaganda rag ‘the Globe and Mail’. “Why Pussy Riot honours the struggles of women everywhere ”

    The Russian agitprop mill, “RT” promotes, “Russian society divided on Pussy Riot trial”

    R U Sirius? How does cutting down a cross monument to the victims of the Stalinist Holomodor famine with a chain saw in Ukraine “honour” women?

    What “struggles”? The struggle to pee in holy water fonts?

    This is just another manifestation of phoney revolutions incorporated that we’ve seen pop up as ‘Arab Spring’ and ‘Occupy Wall Street’.

    Don’t forget where it comes from. There’s no mystery here.

    Don’t forget phoney opposition leader Eduard Limonov (real surname Savenko – “Liminov” is slang for hand grenade in Russian)
    He was a big professional agitprop ‘artist’ agitator during the 70’s through around 2004. His last successful stunt was a similar term in Moscow jail for protesting Putin by ordering punks to seize the old KGB building ala ‘Occupy’.
    HIs “Nazbol movement” (“Nazi Bolsheviks”) was pretty clever guerrilla theatre, I must say – much more amusing than the unimaginative antics of ‘pussy riot’.

    But Limonov is pushin’ ’70. He’s currently 69.

    “Moscow mayor denies Limonov permission to hold Aug. 31 rally”

  15. Gale Wernli September 7, 2012

    I simply want to say I am all new to blogs and honestly liked your web page. More than likely I’m want to bookmark your blog post . You really have exceptional writings. Thanks a bunch for revealing your website page. I just want to say that those girls are really sick and weird. How could the US approve of them?

  16. admin Post author | September 7, 2012

    Yes Gale those girls are very sick and they have been doing this stuff for years. They just finally wore the patience out of all the people…

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