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“Exit, stage left!” and “Heavens to Murgatroyd!”

When you play games with the truth, you have a lot to lose and when truth comes home to roost, it is too late, you have lost already…

“People say, ‘Well, just wait till the sanctions bite and the economy slips.’ I don’t think so. The Russians are very brave and very long-suffering, and they will tough out any economic difficulty,” Senate Intelligence Committee Chairwoman Dianne Feinstein said…

Oops is that a rift appearing in the U.S. government?

The EU is already rifted and has been since the beginning and it is starting to look like an old versus new Europe is developing in front of our eyes. Lithuania and Poland are the U.S. lap dogs barking the loudest and Germany and a few others are starting to call for restraint in EU actions. This is getting interesting and is just what the U.S. wants to happen. Seems the EU is really, “Just That Stupid!”

I am a believer in that if you tell the truth, you never have to say you are sorry, nor do you have to eat crow, when the time comes for reality to set in. The west started this whole escapade and I have said before many times, “Russia will end it!”

The reality of life is that Ukraine is in serious issues and as winter peeks around the corner, reality has opened her eyes and realization of a broke west having to support a devastated Ukraine, is evident on the horizon…

Thus as Snagglepuss use to say, “Exit, stage left!”

He also use to say, “Heavens to Murgatroyd!” That is just what is being said right now as people look around and wake up to the fact that the west led by the USA is walking off a cliff with the lemmings following behind them. Not even the elites bomb shelters will save them in a nuclear war and they are starting to realize Russia will not blink…

Russia does not bluff and Russia will not care what you do to her. So, grow up western people…

But since you will not grow up and mature, we have therefore, “Exit stage left!”

But are the warmongers and the warmonger president of America smart enough to see the stage door?

Post by Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia…

PS: How can the west so misunderstand the east? How can the west think that they have a right to interfere in other countries? How can the west ever grow up and be part of a better world?

Does the world have to destroy the west to achieve a tiny bit of peace?

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  1. kKeeton Post author | September 2, 2014

    NATO is skeptical about the chances of Kiev in the fight against the militia of the Donbass. In fact, the alliance recognized that the current Ukrainian authorities have lost the military conflict, German publication Der Spiegel wrote.

    The article in the newspaper said that after the militia took control of the airport of Luhansk, the superiority of militia forces became obvious.

    A senior military official said that NATO radically changed its attitude towards the military situation in Ukraine.

    Previously, NATO believed that the militia would retreat under the onslaught of government troops. Presently, after the meeting between representatives of the bloc and Ukrainian President Poroshenko, Kiev is referred to as the loser, Russia 24 TV channel reports.

    Kiev insists on military-technical assistance from NATO. In the USA, there are officials, who believe that such assistance should be provided.

    Even if such deliveries start, it does not mean that it may somehow help Ukrainian security officials. Noteworthy, prior to the armed conflict in 2008, the Americans were actively helping Mikhail Saakashvili to rearm and retrain the Georgian army. The combat capability of the Georgian troops did not improve much.

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