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Facebook and I have gone round and round…

Thought Police for the 21st Century

WtR was destroyed many years ago by such things as described in the article above. It seems that I and my site were part of a training ground. I know this because I was told this by the DC group. WtR and myself were targeted because I could do nothing about it at the time. I did not reside within America and since I was talking from Russia, I had no recourse…

Fourth Time over the years, Facebook decided I was bad!

We have lost the basics of truth. Asking why is an offense that will get you blocked and banned! Though I admit I called McCain a scum and he is….that is provable and yet he has been elected time and time again. Tells about the constitutes voting him in…or something? or another…

New job in the world…

“Thought Police”


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