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Friends of Syria undermine peace process « Russian News From Russia

Friends of Syria undermine peace process « Russian News From Russia.

The actions of Friends of Syria group of states jeopardize realization of the UN peace plan for Syria, undermining international efforts to end violence in the country, Russian FM Sergey Lavrov said.

­“Everybody backed [Kofi] Annan’s [peace] plan,” he noted. “Then all of a sudden another meeting of the Friends of Syria group makes decisions, urging [the Syrian] opposition to refuse negotiations and arm, promising new sanctions [against Syria].”

Lavrov stressed this undermines actions to stop violence in the country that the Friends of Syria want to deal with the Syrian opposition only, making the deadlock irresolvable.

Hmm looks like normal business as usual with the West and lies and deceit goes hand in hand with that business…

Windows to Russia News Organization…

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