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Windows to Russia

A Bulgarian Christmas…

I was drinking my morning cup of coffee & was looking over comments made earlier. We had asked Ludmila, one of our readers to explain about Christmas in Bulgaria! This is what she wrote…..

Hi, Svetlana and Kyle!

This is how Bulgarians celebrate Christmas and New Year:

Although Bulgaria has Orthodox Church, the people celebrate Christmas on 25 of December as it was in Russia before the Great October Revolution. The Bulgarians celebrated this holiday on 7th of January in the period from 1945 to 1989 as it is in Russia now, but after 1989 it was decided to change the date to the end of December. In fact, Christmas in Bulgaria is called Koleda. Koleduvane is a tradition which still remains in villages and not in big cities. Koledari (young men dressed in national costumes) spread Christmas cheer around village and sing folk songs. A special dinner consisting of at least twelve dishes is prepared and all of them are without meat. This is a family holiday and all members of a family gather together round the table and celebrate it. A traditional Banitsa with fortune slips is put on the table. It’s very delicious meal. It’s made from puff paste with some white cheese rolled in it and baked in an oven.

Santa Claus in Bulgaria is called Dyado Koleda (Grandfather Koleda) and he brings the children gifts as Santa Claus and Ded Moroz do.

New Year Eve is joyful holiday when people gather together, eat a lot and go to the center of town or city at 12 o’clock or earlier. Five minutes before the New Year comes Bulgarian President gives a speech, which is transmitted on all state and private TV channels and in the midnight people cheers with “Na zdrave” with wishes for good health.

My regards,


It seems that the world all has a Santa Claus! If anyone else has a story about their countries: Christmas Traditions please leave a comment. I will be happy to include the Holiday Traditions on “Windows To Russia!”

Kyle & Svet

Stories of Traditions Welcome Here!!! It would be nice to know about your Christmas in the country where you live…
Thank You very much Ludmila…

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Here is Where You Will Find the Blog <-- (Status is Active)

Here is Where You Will Find the Market <-- (Status is Active)

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