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From Russia: I Promise You Will Laugh! (Maybe)

Hello,Windows to Russia!

Sometimes I have to post something that makes me laugh. (That is OK isn’t it!)

I have never seen this video but 500,000 plus have seen it on YouTube. I saw the Vlad and friend Boris presents ‘Song for Sarah’ for Mrs. Palin! Then clicked the button not sure what to expect and found a very interesting video…

This gives you an idea that Russians watch what Americans are up to and when you make a comment like Sarah Palin did about being able to see Russia from her back yard. Who could pass up a chance to make a video back to her. (Not really sure that they are Russians though? But it is fun anyway!)

Words to song:

Hello Sarah Palin we wrote this song for you because we see you from Russia! Plz respond to our emails!! We like to hear from you!!

soon as i wayk up in the morning
i go to my window
i made this teliscop myself out of duck tape and the thing that holds the rapping paper

so i can see if ur there
i fix it on ur howse in Alaska
my next door neybor here in moscow

what r u doing rite now lets see
r u and todd ok?
u say u can see me and my country from ur state well im looking at u evry day!!!

misses palin!
i want to fly into ur Airspase!
misses palin!
i want to reer my little Head!
misses palin!
why wont You reply to my Emails?!!
I made a teliscop for YOU and i luv u so

we share a small merry-time border but the borders of r harts is thick
u dont like news-papers well neether of us can say or reed english

we are madw for eachuther!!!
so fly ur playn my way
i live at 45454 RUSSIA AVE

repeet misses palin chorus

I say dog gone it you betcha you betcha dog gone it you betcha dog gone it say it aint so joe you betcha dog on it etc

i luv u

Kyle & Svet

comments always welcome.

PS: Svet did some checking in Russia sites and we found out that they are American acting like what they see Russians as. (A parody!)

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