Russian Maslenitsa Time of the Year!

This year 2016 we will have Maslenitsa in Russia, from 7th of March till 13th of March.

In Russia they are celebrating Maslenitsa which lasts seven days, and this time is called: Pancake week. This is a past year article about Maslenitsa. (Link)

Every day this week has its own name and customs, which are derived from the name. For example:

Monday is called “a meeting”. With the first pancake it is tradition to give to beggars for them to mention the poor dead.

Tuesday is called “zaigrysh” (games). On this day, the morning begins with a funny game.

Wednesday is called “gourmand” (A gourmand is a person who takes great pleasure in food.) On this day, the hostess act on saying: “What is in the oven, First of all delicacies, of course, pancakes.” On this day Mother in-laws invite Son in-laws to eat pancakes.

Thursday – “razguliay”. On this day begins Maslenitsa full strength. As well as helping to drive winter away and bring the sun into play again. Example to do this, like riding horses clockwise around the village.

Friday – “Teschin evening” (Inlaws). Son in-law invites Mother in-law and treat them pancakes.

Saturday, the “zolovkiny chat” Sister in-law invites female relatives of her husband. If the husband’s sisters were married, the daughter of guests invited and their unmarried friends. But if the sister was already married, she invited relatives married. Bride daughter had bestowed their gifts zolovok.

On Sunday the last day of Maslenitsa is called “Forgiveness Sunday”. On this day, you should apologize to all relatives and friends for all the resentment, thus relieved of their sins before Lent. Also on the last day of Pancake week, you burn a man of straw – the symbol of winter. The ashes of the man of straw fly all over the fields – for a rich summer harvest.”

In the past I have made my wife pancakes with cottage cheese just like she likes them. She was a happy Russian.

This year she will be in Moscow while Maslenitsa is going on…


kKEETON @ Windows to Russia…

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I wish I lived in Russia. I never though I would say those words years ago, when I was a child living in ex communist Czechoslovakia. We used to hate Russians because of the occupation of our country. Well, years later I changed my mind, and I truly hope that one day I will end up living there.