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From Russia: Putin – Quote of the Day – "I’m not working in a circus, you know!"

Hello,Windows to Russia!

Putin was in an interview and when he was asked this question below about how fun his job is he was caught off guard a little bit. I really do not think that he expected this question…

Q: “What’s the funnest part of your job? Not funniest, but funnest.”

Putin: “I’m not working in a circus, you know! There’s not much fun in my job. Well, you got me. I haven’t found anything that would be fun. No, I don’t think there’s anything fun about my job. The funniest thing was your question!”

Can’t say he does not tell the truth:

“I’m not working in a circus, you know!”

Kyle & Svet

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  1. Marion January 22, 2015

    I was going to write something here but I am not sure you are getting the responses I’ve already sent.

    Added for you… below

    To Vladimoir Vladimirovitch;

    In a circus you think you’re not? The whole wide world”s a circus hot!
    Hot for lies, and brazen deeds,
    murderous thoughts to World War leads…
    A sane man guides – restraint you see –
    To rise above this calumny!


    I get 99% of what you send, just when AOL? gets snooty is when we have issues…

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