From Russia: Ukraine Has Changed!

Hello, (This article is an old article that will give you an idea about how things in Ukraine have changed. Things are much better in Ukraine… Kyle)
Windows to Russia!
While Svetlana and I checked out Kiev, Ukraine this last visa trip. Svet and I took a walk like we always do. We walk for about an hour and a half and always take the same route. That we we can see the changes that are happening.

About half way through the walk Svet turned to me and said the people are sad! They look like us Russians do, but they feel and act sad, unlike Russians.

What Svet means is: Ukraine people are a much more expressive people than Russians to strangers. They are more inclined to smile and to show facial expressions to strangers. This is something that Svet has noticed in our trips to Ukraine that the people act different than in Russia.

Ukraine until this trip, has always been happy even when they did not have any gas for heat this winter when I was there.

I saw it the first trip that we took. Ukrainians are what I call more of an extrovert society – Russia is more of an introvert society.

This time Svet and I both saw a huge change in the Ukrainians, They are sad and show it on their faces. Everywhere we went there was large crowds of men standing in groups. They seem to have nothing to do and act lost.

I use to be able to ride the metro in Kiev and not be the only person looking around to see what everyone is doing. Now this time the metro ride was very similar to Moscow Metro ride. Everyone was quiet.

We always eat at the greatest pizza place in the world near the hotel and you could see it on the people eating there. Sad faces that made me feel sad also. (I do not know the name of it just that it is the greatest pizza and cheapest that I ever had. Yummy!)

This was interesting to me because Kiev is or was the same as Moscow in levels of happiness. It was just that people in Kiev expressed it more readily than people in Moscow. Now that the smiles are gone in Kiev it seems and feels unhappy.

Moscow, Russia looks unhappy, but does not feel unhappy.

Kiev, Ukraine use to look and feel happy, but now it looks and feels sad…

Make any sense? 🙂