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From Russia: Ukraine signs gas monitoring deal!


Just a few minutes ago: Ukraine has signed a deal allowing international monitors to check the flow of gas through its territory. Earlier on Saturday, representatives of Russia and the EU signed the document. The Czech Prime Minister, Mirek Topolanek, said the agreement clears the way for the resumption of gas supplies to Europe.

Get that gas flow going…..

We all know that Ukraine didn’t just start stealing Russian gas yesterday. It’s something they’ve been doing for many years. Kiev benefit from it and now that monitors are in place, Ukraine will have to work honestly and transparently.

I think that this is going to be hard for Kiev to accept and now the battle of gas price comes to the forefront. Gazprom has ignored the contract and price issue just to get Ukraine to turn the gas back on. Now that monitors are in place, Ukraine can not play games when they haggle over price and past due bills.

Kyle & Svet

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  1. blackseabrew September 26, 2014

    Flow meter in, Flow meter out. It’s the volume of gas that’s in between that challenging. As a controls engineer this is what I do…but Ukraine has a lot of pipeline capacity and ways to siphon that gas. Even with meters it can be challenging. Metering methods can give an error of +/- 3%. At the volumes Russia produces that can be a lot!

    My guess is that Russia’s contract personnel will be lenient with Ukraine authorities. Given the international spotlight, I think these people will get to personally know Putin. At least he’s smart enough to understand the physics and the subject. His counterpart(Obama) doesn’t have the intelligence to know the difference or the wisdom to exercise the counsel of experts. And for that he is a dangerous person.

    I hope that everyone is able to stay warm this winter and whoever supplies the gas gets properly paid for their work. It’s not easy to get that gas out of the ground and pipe it a couple of thousand miles.

  2. kKeeton September 26, 2014

    That is good information and that helps me…

    Obama is only as intelligent as his TelePrompter and that is really lacking…

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