From Russia: The Ultimate Toy Store- With Carousel!


This is a sad tale of a Toy Store in Moscow, Russia that is no more. Watch the video then come back to the story…

That store that you just watched is no longer in existence. This was the most wonderful “Children Toy Store” that you ever saw.

It was not a victim of the global financial crises, but a victim of Humans who do not care about culture and traditions.

I was taken to this Toy Store almost two years ago. We were very lucky that we went and took pictures and videos. For you see, after I got to visit this wonderful fairyland for children. They closed the doors forever. Svet and I walked by the building the other day. It is a boarded up stripped out building that because of the financial crises the building is now an empty husk that could instead of had a Beautiful Toy Store still operating in Moscow, Russia…

Windows to Russia!

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