Gay Propaganda: Western Haters Gonna Hate…

imagesThe State Duma, Russia’s lower house of parliament, overpoweringly approved in its presentation on Friday, a well outlined bill that will ban the promotion of “homosexual propaganda” across the whole nation. Just one deputy voted against the bill and one abstained, whereas 388 voted for it…

Police, meanwhile, removed twenty people who radicalized the situation outside the Duma building as the bill was passed…

Hmm! Russia is nipping it in the bud, before it gets out of control. If you do not like something and it is against 99% of the population’s desires, then deal with it and don’t look the other way as society is being undermined…

If you are gay and hate Russia for it! Then go to the Western Empire and “suck hind tit” there…

That is why I love Russia!

Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia…

kKEETON @ Windows to Russia…

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Meanwhile in the US….gays are doing their absolute best to turn our nation into a free for all full of deviant behavior on par with Caligua. They have no shame these “people”.


What a shame. There is more common sense in the Russian government. I am so liberal but there is no such thing as gays. They are just confused men sleeping with men.


I’ve often found it disturbing how liberal pro-gay propagandists always use personal insults to try and get their views across. Don’t any of them know that a democracy is about debate? But instead they always regress into gradeschool recess tactics and call people names. It does nothing to improve your standing. It may make you feel better about the bad choices you’ve made it your life, but there’s not a single thing that I can do about that.


Russia! a lot less GAY than America which is of course, the GAYest country on earth, besides Austrailia and Greece, it’s a fact that almost no Russian tourists visit Mikanos or Sydney.


Russsia is a manly country; America thinks it’s manly but is beconing more effiminate with PC, gay rights, ‘equality,’ dependance on drugs, overeating, stupid TV shows, lame lawsuits, invidivual rights…completerly eating away at the moral fiber of our nation.


I see no issue with the law. Children need gay propaganda like they need any other type of propaganda, they don’t. Good for Russia. It doesn’t say don’t be gay, it says, don’t flaunt your gay lifestyle as if its something to be proud of. There’s a reason people have to convince themselves to ‘come out’ of the closet, and its because they know deep inside that its wrong. Plain and simple. Allow children to be children. Feel free to spew your disgust at me gay folks, I could really care less, nor will I hide behind some anonymous screen… Read more »

Timmy Genne

all it takes is more gay men to keep AIDS alive and well in the world.


Russia’s attack on free speech, free expression and privacy serve as an excellent warning to U.S. citizens of what Republicans and conservatives alike want to do to our country. Give Republicans control of Congress and the Presidency and they will go down this route. A majority of Americans now support equal rights for Gay Americans, including marriage equality, but Republicans and conservatives never really cared about whether the majority support them on this issue or not, they will shove their oppressive laws against gay people down the throat of all Americans. And once they are done with Gay Americans, they… Read more »

Jim N.

If You Ain’t Gay Than You Ain’t ****! I am Gay and proud of it! Ask My Wife! 🙂


Jim N : I am sure you are…


I hope they stick to their guns. It seems like everyone wants to buy into the gay bandwagon. Thanks for not buying gay propaganda!

Mary Jenkins

I love it when people get upset about people saying gays are peds. I mean, you have heard of nambla, haven’t you? You know, the North American Man Boy Love Association? They even have a friggin website! As long as that association exists, I can’t take gays seriously, or someone who gets offended of the notion that all gays are peds seriously. As long as that association exists, “gay” means most likely ped.


Looks like Russia has the right idea about queers.


Has America and Russia switched roles? I though we, U.S. were the Christian values nation, what happened?

Hard to believe it but Russia is headed in the proper direction while the moral decay in the USA leads it to a Roman Empire type ending.


As the USA gets further and further away from it’s values, where family’s of normal people are now the enemy….

Russia starts to look like it’s moving in the right direction. I’m in the wrong country!


Once I would have said that this site is sick but now I say that this sight has it right and we in the US are a sick bunch of $%^&’s that need therapy! May god forgive us and not send us down the gutters! Please Russia continue to fight the fight and do not give up or else you will look like the USA in a few years and that is worse than death!


While I think homosexuals are absolutely correct to fight (in any and all countries) for the freedom to live in a manner consistent with who they are and not to be forced to live in some covert culture to satisfy the beliefs of other people, that is not the same as saying that therefore society must be forced to give that lifestyle any form of moral or social blessing. Heterosexual people in society do not define themselves by their sexual preferences, but by what they have achieved in life in their jobs and careers and other such things. The only… Read more »


America don’t feel guilty about being GAY it is natural for Americans to be GAY. Your whole culture is GAY, your TV, your media, your music, your ART even your corporations are GAY and you’ve done an excellent job spreading your GAYness to your allies. It’s just the rest of the world, ie that which falls outside the American sphere of influence finds fishing for Chutney a bit…