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Grisha Barmich Died Before his Time, but his Soul is Living on in… the Trailer…

At the heart of the project two equivalent components: photos and lines from letters of the young man-nomad. We will cross the invisible border which divides the world of the people living in beat technocracy societies, and the world where every day begins with primordial live flame of a fire, and to natural cycles time it is subordinated all: work, an economy, a life. But not thought. We let’s find out, how this border dividing us is illusive, as everywhere wherever there lived the person, the thought fights in searches the answer to the most simple and complicated question: in what is meaning of the life?

The project has arisen as consequence of Alexey’s several trips in Kaninsky tundra – an ancestral lands of one of radical the small people of the Far North, nenets. An annual cycle lives here it is for ever certain territory where nomads roam after the corvine herds. Alexey has passed a part of a traditional route together with family of reindeer breeders of Barmich. The problem of the photographer has been executed. But in a way of 2 months there was something more: has arisen trust and mutual understanding. So correspondence between 20 years old man-reindeer Grisha Barmich, which dreams to become the writer, and the 40-year-old photographer has begun and lasts to these time.

Letters of Grisha as a matter of fact – the diary records fixing the most thin changes of mood and weather, existing detail in annual cycle of the nomad, reflection about mutual relations people and the universe device. To present all value the literary primary source, it is necessary to remember that «A nomadic life» – the phenomenon unique, and «an epistolary genre» – concept disappearing. Thus that speech about it goes in beginning ХХI centuries. Read More >>>

Grisha Barmich: Was born on February 26, 1985 in the village of Snopa, into the family of reindeer farmers Vasily and Paisa Barmich. Completed secondary education in Nenets Boarding Secondary School named after Anton Pyrerka in Narian-Mar. After finishing it he entered Vyborg Air-Technical School of Civil Aviation. But did not finish it and returned to the Kanin tundra. Last years roamed along with his parents – members of the agricultural cooperative. Made his literature debut in the literary miscellany of the Literature Union “Zapoliarie”. Died in Arkhangelsk on August 18, 2011…

Alexey Golubtsov: Born on 22 march 1965 in Kurgan, Western Siberia. In 1991 graduated from Hydrometeorological Institute in St.Petersburg. In 1993 a student of the Faculty of the media-photographers at the St.Petersburg Union of Journalists. In 1994 — a staff photographer of newspaper «Kurgan i Kurgantsy». From 1996 — a freelance photographer. In 2004 attended an Alexander Lapin’s Theory of Photography course. Since 2006 work with agency «FocusPictures». Web-page

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