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Happy Thanksgiving from Russia!

I was drinking my second or maybe third cup of coffee (I forget) and thinking about Thanksgiving!

This is my ninth (9 years) Thanksgiving in Russia. Now Russians do not have a Thanksgiving Holiday, but as I am American and Sveta loves pumpkin pie so much, I have to have Thanksgiving to keep the troops happy…

Thanksgiving is still sorta an important Holiday for me. I have always stopped at Thanksgiving time and contemplated what do I have to be thankful for? This year is no different…

I have thanks for our grand kids, our sons, our daughters, our health, our friends (Internet and not), America, Russia …… and last but definitely not least Sveta and our dog Boza!

With thanks like that, I know that the world is a good place. So even though a lot of the world does not celebrate Thanksgiving…


From: Kyle, Svet & Boza

Posted by Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia…


  1. Anonymous November 27, 2014

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

    I made your pumpkin dessert, plus an apple pie and mini desserts with choux pastry and ALWAYS See’s candy! We count our many BLESSINGS and THANK GOD for HIS BOUNTY! L

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