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How Long In The Village?

Today with coffee I am thinking about how long I will make my stay in the Russian village?

Most likely this is not the best question to ask myself today, for I decided that life was too much fun and I had to step on a nail. Therefore after a day of dealing with taking care of that issue, I sit here today with a fresh bandaged foot and I am thinking over a cup of coffee, “How long will I stay?”

Breakfast was oatmeal and cottage cheese, plus two cups of delicious coffee. Sveta has already text message me twenty times and told me to stay put and not do anything for a few days. Therefore, after I write this article, I will settle down and read a good book. I have over 5000 SciFi books to pick from and I am sure I will find something to read…

I installed a new version of android in my Huawei phone yesterday and hope that gives me a better camera to take some pictures around here with. I am phone poor and camera shy in the village and to top it all off, it looks like, when Sveta got home to Moscow, that the monitor on our big computer died. She finally got set up on the tiny netbook we have and she is happy after she got Russian language going for the keyboard. What is that saying, “When it rains it pours!”

I am waiting patiently for a refurbished BlackBerry Pearl flip phone to show up in the mail and it will become my main phone, plus it has a camera also, a two mp shooter that should solve internet photo issues for the websites…

The June bugs as I call them, but Russians call them May Beetles, are thick and here they are greenish silvery goldish tinted and very beautiful. I have one walking the screen next to me as I type this and he sounds like a bumble bee every time he flaps his wings. When the sun shines on him, its looks like he is covered in green shiny metal…

I am a little grouchy, because today is when pizza is delivered to the village store in the village that I call, “The Church Village!” It is called that because it has the most beautiful church and bell tower and it is the center of the whole village. So I call it the church village. Just like I call the village at the fish ponds, “The Fish Village!” Our village is now referred by me as, “The Monk Village!” For we have an actively being rebuilt monastery and yesterday they were working all day on the bell tower. But I am grouchy for I will not be able to and get pizza…

But with all I have said, I have not answered the question I asked…

How long in the village?

I tell you what! In two months I will answer that question… 😉

Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia…


  1. Marion May 21, 2014

    AHA! I think I have read almost all the sci-fi and fantasy books that were ever written. I have my latest ones on my Kindle which I mislaid over a month ago. Fact is, I was up late reading (til 03:00) got up to fiddle around in the kitchen a bit and then went back to bed. I woke up at 07:00 and fished around for my Kindle but could’t find it! Still don’t know where it is. Maybe the wee people are telling me I am reading too much – doesn’t stop me though, I’ve read at least a dozen of hard back books since then.

    Have fun, Kyle – back to you later!


  2. kKeeton Post author | May 21, 2014

    Yes I was up until 2am reading. Then at 6am I picked up my e-ink and started again.

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