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How to Change the Flow of Life?

Sveta was talking to me and as I always do, I listen. Sveta is a smart girl and she has a lot of sense in her head. So this morning as the birds sing and Sveta is in Moscow, while I am here in the village, I am doing some coffee thinking’s…

Sveta told me yesterday that we had to have someone in the village to change what we are doing as a pattern in Moscow. We have to have someone willing to stay at the village and draw others to the village. Now she meant herself is the one who needs the status changed and with me in the village it draws her back to once what was common place for her. I could tell as she left last night by train, that she wanted to stay. Then this morning, Boza is a very sad doggy, he is laying under the bed and staring out at me, with those puppy dog eyes. You know those eyes that dogs have and look sad?

Boza understands that we are here for awhile and that this temporary home will become a more permanent one, most likely about three months…

This year we are going to save all the thousands of cherries on the cherry trees and we are going to plant and cultivate many currant fruit bushes. In the past the apples and cherries are stolen by sneaky neighbors and this year, someone will be here. That is the importance of staying here and the most important issue is that to change our mind sets and steer toward the village, we have to instigate the desire…

Status quo is so easy to accept, even as you grumble about the status quo…

Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia…

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  1. Marion May 20, 2014

    You know, dearest brother, that’s what I am doing now too. I am keeping my happy butt home out here in the boonies tending my garden, animals, etc. (Also saves gas – the gallon I have to use everytime I go into town). I’m building a mileau for change in this desert homestead of mine. Bought some hedge bamboo yesterday as one of the instruments of change…am going outside now to add humus and peat moss to the sandy soil where I’m going to start before I set the plants. (Soil buildup to hold the water better). My fruit trees are bearing, my remaining grapevine is covered with young grapes (the others bit the dust except for one struggling to survive – may have to transplant it). Back to basics – back to the soil – back to our personal Eden!

    God bless you, Svet, and Boza, love from


    P.S. If possible, get a few chickens or geese.

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The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. The fears are paper tigers. You can do anything you decide to do.
You can act to change and control your life; and the procedure, the process is its own reward. - Amelia Earhart