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I have to say the Communist Party is Correct about the WTO… (World Trade Organization)

Communists are holding a protest in front of the State Duma while the lower house considers the ratification of the protocol on Russia’s accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO). About 50 activists of the Communist Party (KPRF) gathered in downtown Moscow waving banners reading “WTO accession – a road to abyss!” and “WTO is a strangler for Russia!,” reports Itar-Tass. All the three opposition parties represented in the State Duma – the Communists, Fair Russia and Liberal-Democratic party – said they would vote against the ratification. The majority United Russia party is expected to support Russia’s membership of the trade group.

I have to really say that the long term issues with WTO is going to devastate Russia, just as it has done America and other countries. The communist are not all wrong in their worries and as with most countries no one is listening. Maybe just maybe the short term gain by a choice few will be worth it and only worth it to those choice few. These are the ones pushing for WTO in the first place and you all know who they are…

This is something that the people of Russia should be involved in and not worrying about rallies against Putin, instigated by Western monies and Western agendas. This is a real issue that should be put forward in font of the people of Russia and allow them to decide if membership in the WTO is worth the piece of paper it is written on…

I think the people would say – NO!

Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia!


  1. admin Post author | July 10, 2012

    Accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO) will generate lost budget revenues amounting to an estimated 188 billion rubles ($5.70 billion) in 2013 and 257 billion rubles ($7.80 billion) in 2014, Economic Development Minister Andrei Belousov said on Tuesday.

    Belousov told the State Duma, the lower chamber of Russian parliament, that the actual losses were likely to be lower owing to increased foreign trade after the country joins the global trade body.

    “Direct budget losses may be 188 billion rubles in 2013 and 257 billion rubles in 2014, but we predict that actual budget losses would be lower because of trade increase, and hence wider tax levies and better fee collection,” he said.

    The minister said that the core advantages from the WTO accession stemmed from the advent of clear foreign trade rules, and a stable regime for foreign trade with more active exports, while consumers would face improved product quality because of increased competition.

    To become a full member of the WTO, all documents must be ratified by the Russian government, parliament and president by July 23, 2012. Russia spent 18 years trying to enter the WTO, completing accession talks in December 2011.

    The Russian government has been implementing a program to adapt the country’s economy to the WTO terms and would support the industries, including the agricultural sector, that could face the most serious risks after the joining.

    Joining the WTO will not also lead to increased unemployment in Russia, Belousov added.

  2. anna July 10, 2012

    BIG MISTAKE! You don’t want to go there. Hey Russia, “they are selling you down the river.” The clock starts now to undo it.

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