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I messed up…

sun-and-coffeeI lost a bucket full of potatoes. They froze, but only froze when the temperatures went down below -30. I guess I should have been smarter, but I was not. Our under home storage place is not deep enough and though -20 and above was still okay, below that, they froze solid and now are rotting. Looks like this summer, I will be digging the basement area deeper and sealing it better against the elements. I knew I had issues when I saw recently, snow build up around the trap door…

Makes me sad that I was stupid and I will learn from my mistakes. It was a whole big bucket of potatoes and I really wanted some today… πŸ™

This winter I have discovered that things are easy to protect and deal with at -20 and above. But that below -20 starts to make things rough and when you get below -30, life gets dangerous on top of everything else…

Lesson in life…


Celsius to Fahrenheit conversion table

Celsius (Β°C)Fahrenheit (Β°F)Description
-273.15 Β°C-459.67Β Β°Fabsolute zero temperature
-50 Β°C-58.0Β Β°F
-40 Β°C-40.0Β Β°F
-30 Β°C-22.0Β Β°F
-20 Β°C-4.0Β Β°F
-10 Β°C14.0Β Β°F
-9 Β°C15.8Β Β°F
-8 Β°C17.6Β Β°F
-7 Β°C19.4Β Β°F
-6 Β°C21.2Β Β°F
-5 Β°C23.0Β Β°F
-4 Β°C24.8Β Β°F
-3 Β°C26.6Β Β°F
-2 Β°C28.4Β Β°F
-1 Β°C30.2Β Β°F
0 Β°C32.0Β Β°Ffreezing/melting pointΒ of water
1 Β°C33.8Β Β°F
2 Β°C35.6Β Β°F
3 Β°C37.4Β Β°F
4 Β°C39.2Β Β°F
5 Β°C41.0Β Β°F
6 Β°C42.8Β Β°F
7 Β°C44.6Β Β°F
8 Β°C46.4Β Β°F
9 Β°C48.2Β Β°F
10 Β°C50.0Β Β°F
20 Β°C68.0Β Β°F
21 Β°C69.8Β Β°Froom temperature
30 Β°C86.0Β Β°F
37 Β°C98.6Β Β°Faverage body temperature
40 Β°C104.0Β Β°F
50 Β°C122.0Β Β°F
60 Β°C140.0Β Β°F
70 Β°C158.0Β Β°F
80 Β°C176.0Β Β°F
90 Β°C194.0Β Β°F
100 Β°C212.0Β Β°Fboiling point of water
200 Β°C392.0Β Β°F
300 Β°C572.0Β Β°F
400 Β°C752.0Β Β°F
500 Β°C932.0Β Β°F
600 Β°C1112.0Β Β°F
700 Β°C1292.0Β Β°F
800 Β°C1472.0Β Β°F
900 Β°C1652.0Β Β°F
1000 Β°C1832.0Β Β°F

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