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I think this sums up most countries in our world…

Maybe humans need the money to better our world and not blow up things all over the place….last post of May, 2018 and this kinda just hits the spot with me…

When will we wake up as humans and get the world out of the control of just a few?


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  1. Lucy Woelbern June 1, 2018

    I’m afraid you’re going to have another heart attack!!!! You need to pack up and go to the village! Story is the same for thousands of years……just check out the history pages….people in power will usually suppress the people. Too many lawyers that are lawsuit happy…….that’s why you can’t feed the homeless, etc. etc……since it only takes one to say he got sick and there’s another lawsuit. USA is still a wonderful, beautiful country. Our church collects so much food for our local food pantry and clothes drives for the refugees in our area. Don’t brush us with one broad stroke. We are still the most caring nation on earth. Your heart is there too, you just don’t see what we see locally. L

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