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If you can not say anything good about a dead person: Then, by God, Say nothing at all…

I am utterly ashamed at what I am seeing coming from the Western people in the press and comments about Kim Jong-il death. It is embarrassing to read the hateful, spiteful and immoral comments and statements that are being said about Kim Jong-il…

We as a society once again are celebrating a death. That seems to be the normality with the Western world in this day and age…

The news of the North Korea’s leader death has put the 24-million population on the verge of insanity, hyped up by unceasing TV broadcast of mass mourning throughout the country.

­North Korea’s national flag is flying at half-mast today on every flagpole in the country.

Today Korean men are not ashamed of tears flooding from their eyes. People representing every segment of the North Korean population, from field workers to academics, from soldiers to very young school children, are flourishing arms, expressing their endless love to the departed leader.

Many mourners are sprawled on the ground, following an ancient tradition of devotedly wailing for dead.

The North Koreans are sincerely in a state of shock and how we look at life has no matter. This is their life and their existence and we have no right to criticize how they mourn Kim Jong-il’s death…

I really am appalled at the West! Either everyone is so worried that North Korea is unstable, that North Korea is so much more a Nuclear threat now, that North Korea will so flood into South Korea and then top that off with comments that are a sad stipulation of a Western society that is in bad decline in morals and politics…

The man is dead! The people are suffering! Time will heal! Leave it alone!Leave North Korea alone right now! The best way to help North Korea is with open honest arms and from what I am seeing, a nuke is what the West feels they need. Kick them while they are down…

If you can not say anything good about a dead person! Then, by God, Say nothing at all………..

Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia!

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  1. Elsa May 31, 2012

    awesome post.

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