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Interesting: Germany and Snowden

snowdenEdward Snowden is being asked if need be, to testify, by Germany and a meeting has taken place. This meeting has verified that Germany wants information from Snowden about Washington’s wiretapping of Merkel’s phone…

During the meeting, Snowden made it “clear that he knows a lot,” Greens lawmaker Hans-Christian Stroebele told ARD channel.

He expressed his principle readiness to help clarify the situation. Basis for this is what we must create. That’s what we discussed for a long time and from all angles,” the MP said. He is essentially prepared to come to Germany and give testimony, but the conditions must be discussed.” 

I hope that you are following what is happening in the world. I realize that the mainstream news in America is ignoring most of what is happening in the world, but this is one happening that needs to be covered…

The mass of information is just starting to flow and as time goes by the flow will become a tsunami and could get very rough indeed…

Fact is, “When the bully falls, the school yard celebrates!”

I myself think that Snowden will not be going to Germany to testify, that he can say what needs to be said from Russia. That is unless Merkel and Putin make a deal to safeguard Snowden. For Snowden’s life is in endanger and the world knows this. Germany would have to safeguard Snowden and promise a lot of protection and a return to Russia. This is what America has nightmares about: Snowden talking to the officials in other countries and if Germany does talk to him, then the world will follow suit…

So grab a chair and a cup of coffee! Then search Google for “Edward Snowden and Germany.” Read up on what is happening and then realize that America has overstepped her boundaries and the world is getting tired of it…

Pandora’s box has a bunch of stuff in it…

Posted by Kyle Keeton
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  1. kKeeton Post author | November 1, 2013

    BERLIN, Oct 31 (Reuters) – A German lawmaker said he met Edward Snowden in Moscow on Thursday and the fugitive former U.S. spy agency contractor was willing to help German investigations into reports the United States tapped Chancellor Angela Merkel’s mobile phone.

    Hans-Christian Stroebele, a legislator for the opposition Greens party, told German broadcaster ARD it was clear Snowden “knew a lot” and that he would share details of their surprise meeting including a letter from Snowden to the German government on Friday.

    Stroebele tweeted a photograph of himself and Snowden, who disclosed secret U.S. internet and phone surveillance programmes, and ARD showed images of the two shaking hands in a room.

    “He made it clear he knows a lot and that as long as the National Security Agency (NSA) blocks investigations…, he is essentially prepared to come to Germany and give testimony, but the conditions must be discussed,” said Stroebele.

    His trip came a day after top American and German security officials met in Washington to try and ease tensions after reports that NSA, for which Snowden worked, monitored Merkel’s mobile phone. Germany is a close ally of the United States.

    Stroebele, 74, sits on the German parliament’s control committee which monitors the work of intelligence agencies.

    Germany’s parliament will hold a special session on Nov. 18 to discuss the tapping, and the Greens and far-left Left party have demanded a public inquiry calling in witnesses including Snowden. Stroebele told him he could give evidence from Moscow.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin rejected U.S. pleas to send Snowden home to face charges including espionage, instead granting him temporary asylum in early August which can be extended annually.

    However, Putin, a former KGB spy, has said repeatedly that Russia would shelter Snowden only if he stopped harming the United States. That could make it difficult for Snowden to speak to any German parliamentary inquiry.

    Gregor Gysi, parliamentary leader of the Left, said Germany should include Snowden in its witness protection scheme so he could speak before the committee.

    A Russian lawyer helping Snowden said earlier on Thursday that under current agreements Snowden cannot reveal secret information while he is in Russia. Snowden’s location in Russia has not been disclosed and since July he has appeared only in a handful of photographs and video clips.

    Snowden’s revelations about the reach and methods of the NSA, including the monitoring of vast volumes of Internet traffic and phone records, have upset U.S. allies from Germany to Brazil. Admirers call him a human rights champion and critics denounce him as a traitor.

  2. blackseabrew November 3, 2013

    Time for coffee…even if it is the wrong time of night.

  3. kKeeton Post author | November 3, 2013


  4. kent November 27, 2013

    My guess is that Snowden has some “insurance policies” scattered here and there, in case he gets hit by lightning.

    Murdering him won’t solve their problems. It will make their problems much worse.

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