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Internet is being worked on at the Russian village….

Megaphone our internet carrier at the village is working on the system and upgrading stuff! So we get internet only from a cellphone and very little of that. That is okay though and I am enjoying the time away from everything…

I have worked on the car and Sveta and I have walked in the woods, yes Boza also… 🙂

I did something really stupid and I have burned my belly badly and that makes me really grouchy as the skin peels away… 🙁

But other than that all is great and the weather is fantastic. It is always interesting to me from my life in America. In America we always used peonies at Easter time to decorate the graves with. Here in Russia we hardly have even a bud starting. It is way past Easter…

Tomorrow we go pay the electric bill for the village and then we are going to get some tree fertilizer for the apple and plum trees. You should see the blossoms, they are gorgeous and the lilacs are beyond imagination this year. The air is wafting with the smell of lilacs and you should see the bees…

So this article will be short and not picture! Sorry, But there is only so much that I can do with a cell phone. We leave Friday and come home and then I will show some pictures of the Village…

Kyle and Sveta
Windows to Russia!


  1. blackseabrew May 12, 2012

    Not wanting to rub it in but I have a cherry tomato that starting to ripen.

  2. admin Post author | May 12, 2012

    Tomatoes just planted in the village. The farmers are able to get the fields ready finally… 🙂

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