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Is Political Rhetoric in Russia Being Stirred by the West?

Mikhail Gorbachev does what he does best and what he is paid by the West to do: Mikhail Gorbachev, the former Soviet leader, has called for a removal of Russia’s leadership and criticized the United Russia party as a “worse version of the Soviet Communist party”

I guess Gorby has to pay back for that elaborate birthday party that Europe threw him this year. This is also a sign that elections are coming in Russia. Gorbachev has to keep the rhetoric up to earn his Western salary…

There is a joke told from the old days of Soviet Union and it was even presented in the Western presses then and now:

“And one man turned in the queue (line) to his neighbour and said: ‘I’m fed up with this, I blame Gorbachev, I’m going to kill Gorbachev,’ and off he went. He came back two days later and the people in the queue (line) said: ‘Did you kill Gorbachev?’ ‘No,’ he replied ‘The queue (line) to kill Gorbachev was just too long’.”

Did not seem funny to me but the Western press ate it up at one time and still use it. Sometimes joke are truth and that is why they are jokes instead of reality…

So the Western press plays up the rhetoric and the games of politics continue. But what everyone should be doing is looking at their home front and realize that the cards are collapsing…

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