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It Has Become Obvious: The USA is rattled about Russia… (Video)

For only someone fearing for their lives would act, treat and play games like the ones that the U.S. are doing. I have never seen my country so harrowed of another country. I have never seen such blatant lies and saber rattling. The U.S. is a superpower (?) that acts like a third world country waving its spears in the air to ward off the bigger guy…

I watch a video about the things that are being said by the U.S. and then I look at the western news and the video is correct. PressTV from Iran is correct. The U.S. is actually opening her mouth and inserting foot and as of now she is trying to insert her whole leg in her damn mouth…

A few issues from the video that show we are very scared:
1. We demand that Russia moves her military on her land! (WTF)
2. Russia escalates the crises in Ukraine! (WTF)
3. Sanctions! (again WTF)

Could we show that we are anymore scared than to try to demand that a country move and use their military as the U.S. says they can? That is not being the adult, it is being the child and the results of not listening to the child is sanctions and lies…

Say what you want but we (U.S.) act terrified of the world and we definitely are not part of the solution! We are without a doubt a big part of the problem…

What is so clear about all this is that the U.S. is weak kneed about Russia. I mean simply terrified! We are doing things that only someone does who is trying to undermine something or someone that is too big and too strong. We are not meeting as equals and we are not meeting as partners. We are to timid to shake hands and work things out together…

That is all that it can be and the more lies that are spouted everyday from the U.S. administration, the more I realize that we are simply chicken-livered scared of Russia, China and many other countries. There is no explanation except that. Look at how we act toward North Korea, Vensualua, Cuba and many more. Only a scared person/country attacks verbally and physically for no reason. Only a scared weak person/country lies and cheats to get their way. Only a frightened person/country thinks the world is out to get them… (“For their freedoms!” – That they do not have in the first place…)

Maybe we should have started with peace and harmony many years ago and we would not have to be running scared all the time and looking over our shoulder for the boogeyman…

Post by Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia…


  1. Marion April 12, 2014

    Did you see what is going on in Nevada? Looks like another Ruby Ridge or Kent State kicking up. The news is very muted here…but what is. is!
    Take care, my friends,


  2. Marza April 14, 2014

    Did a Federal Government back down to an well armed Militia in Nevada ? That’s a good question! Maybe !
    This is being more or less whispered about in the mainstream media. Few are talking about – let alone emphasizing – the gravity of what just happened here. An armed group of protesters – largely self-organized militias – just made the federal government back down. Whatever you think about that – for it or against it – that is MAJOR news that should have been the central topic of discussion on mainstream news channels recently. Why wasn’t it?

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