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It is Almost Christmas and Time is Erasing the Old Habits!

After having been here in Russia for over three years now (In fact – this is my 4th Christmas in Russia!) and getting acquainted with the Russian ways and culture, I have started to lose the excitement of the December 25th Christmas time frame. Now my thoughts are centered around the first week in the New Year! Russia has around a week off at the first of the year and this year my brain is geared to that holiday.

Our Cabin!

This year Svet and I are going to travel to our tiny little village and stay for a week. I can not think of any better way to start the New Year than in the little village cabin, heated by a wood fireplace.
We will take lots of potatoes, eggs, milk and meat. We have a propane stove that I cook up a big skillet full of goodies and we eat right out of the skillet. Yummy!
I also am going to take lots of pictures and will most likely be putting together a video of the village in the winter time. I am very interested in what the church has been doing at the village while we have been gone. (Link)
So Svet and I are looking forward to this trip. The village is about 400km from Moscow, located on a beautiful river with a whole bunch of lakes. If you have been following us over the years then you know all about the special Russian village called: Sunrise to Freedom!
Windows to Russia!
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