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It takes hundreds of shots, to get one…


Always going away from me…

This is a huge bird, I hope to get a picture one day of a raven flying with the eagle. It is over twice as big as the ravens are and it is fun to watch as the eagles and ravens fly “loop de loop” sometimes. It is what makes life beautiful…

Coffee Time

I take literally a hundred shots at a time and get maybe one decent photo and that is subjective to opinion in most cases. Therefore, it is a good photo to me and thus I post it. When you work as hard as I am to get a decent shot of a particular bird (Golden Eagle or Russian Steppe Eagle,) you take what you can get. This is papa, momma (who is much browner in color and bigger) took a fish back to the nest and I did not see her again. Papa hung around and teased me for awhile, as he always does. Momma Eagle is a down to business and back to feed the kids. Last years brood? The female is gone, but the male has taken residence on the opposite side of the lake. I am sure he is looking for a girlfriend, if you know of any send them this way…

I hope for two more young’ums this year… đŸ™‚

Post by Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia…

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